Sarah "Sally" Kouns

Female 1807 - 1876

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Sarah "Sally" Kouns was born 18 Nov 1807, Lawrence Co. OH (daughter of George W. Kouns and Catherine Wolfenberger); died 3 Jun 1876.

    Sarah married James Harvey Drury 21 Jul 1829, Lawrence Co. OH. James was born 2 Jun 1804; died 12 Jul 1870. [Group Sheet]

    1. George K. Drury was born 1831.
    2. William Drury was born 18 August 1836, Lawrence Co. OH; died March 1890, Sybene, Lawrence Co., OH.
    3. Henry Drury
    4. Lawson Drury died Bef 1906.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  George W. Kouns was born 1784, VA (son of Christian Kouns and Anna Lamp); died 7 Jun 1848, Lawrence Co., OH.


    1839 - March 7. - Burlington Library Association
    Old Times. [IR June 29, 1899]
    Hon. R. M. Stimson, formerly editor of the Register, sends us two old time items, which he raked from thousands and thousands of scraps which he is going over. The first is.
    An Act to incorporate the Burlington Library Association, in the county of Lawrence:
    Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Ohio, That Ignatius Ross, George Koons, Isaac Frampton, J. H. Wells, Jas. Wheeler, Wm. G. Robinson, and their associates, be and they are hereby created a body corporate and politic, by the name of the Burlington Library Association, in the county of Lawrence, and as such corporation shall be entitled to all the privileges, and subject to all the restrictions of the act entitled, "An act to regulate incorporated literary societies," passed March 7, 1839.
    Sec. 2. That the present officers of said association shall continue to hold their offices until their successors are elected and qualified, according to the constitution and by-laws of said association in force. Thomas J. Buchanan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, William M'Laughlin, Speaker of the Senate.
    March 9, 1840. [sic]
    Mr. Stimson adds: "I cannot recall Ross or Wells, George Koons should be Kouns, and it was Jos. Wheeler. I well knew Jos. Wheeler, Frampton and Robinson - so long ago in Lawrence county that the present generation cannot remember them." ...

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    Jefra Starr Linn, d/o Jonathan Charles Starr, s/o Sonia Davidson, d/o Harold Gibson Davidson, s/o Alice Crawford, d/o Nancy Kouns and James A. Crawford, d/o George Kouns, s/o Christian Kouns.

    Hardesty Atlas Lawrence co., OH
    Died June 7, 1848, George Kouns, senior, in the 64th year of his age. Father Kouns was born in Rockingham county, Virginia, and in his youthful days moved to Lawrence county, and married to Catherine Wolfenberger in 1808. Her he accumulated considerable property, raised a large family and lived to see them all comfortably settled in life. Father Kouns has been long known to the citizens of Lawrence county, and to write a history of his life and character would be only a repetition of knowledge engraved upon every heart. There need only be given a short sketch of the circumstances attending his death. The disease which ocassioned his death was one of a very distressing nature-a spinal affection. For several months he suffered most intensely and obtained no freedom until death came to his relief....

    Lawrence County (Oh) History by R. C. Hall, Ph.D.

    Chesapeake is one of the youngest of Lawrence county villages but its beginning dates back to a very early period in the county's history. In fact, Chesapeake, as we know it today, is really the result of a comparatively recent union of several pioneer settlements.

    Among the earliest settlers of Lawrence county was the KOUNS family, the name being sometimes spelled Kountz. George W. Kouns, an immigrant from Pennsylvania arrived in 1807 and his future wife came from Virginia in 1808. Soon after their marriage they settled near Burlington while his brother, Andrew P. Kouns setled about a mile west of the mouth of Symmes Creek. The county was then a veritable wilderness but the Kouns family had soon established a small settlement of which became known as KOUNSTON. The name of this family still survives in Kouns Chapel which stands near by and is the Methodist Episcopal Church of present day Chesapeake...

    The village of Chesapeake include practically all of what were once the villages of Kounston, Lawrence City, Chesapeake and Rockwood. It extends from the Edgerton farm, one of the pioneer homes on the east, to the Kouns Chapel on the west and back from the river, the distance of several city blocks.

    Found this article later - I failed to put the source but will see if I can relocate the year and date this was written:

    "Kouns Chapel"
    EDITOR REPUBLICAN: About three years ago Union Chapel, situated in Chesapeake School District, (Ohio), was abandoned and allowed to decay and fall. The old church was the one in which such good old Christians as Asa Kimball and wife, Hibbert Kimball and wife, R. Bagley and wife, Amy Gillen, Col. A. P. Kouns and wife, and a great many others worshipped for years, and who have all gone to reap their reward. During the past summer, through many difficulties, a small band has succeeded in rebuilding the church which will be named "Kouns Chapel." We have a small balance to raise on Dedication day, which occurs Sunday, Oct. 20, Rev. W. S. Filler, Presiding Elder officiating. All Christians as friends, of Christianity cordially invited. Tom C. Smith, for Trustee.

    George married Catherine Wolfenberger 1808, Lawrence Co. OH. Catherine was born 1784, Greenbriar Co. VA; died 3 Feb 1874, Lawrence Co. OH. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Catherine Wolfenberger was born 1784, Greenbriar Co. VA; died 3 Feb 1874, Lawrence Co. OH.


    Excerpt from "Folklore and Legends, Burlington, the First County Seat" by Kouns and Wells:

    Ironton Register, Thursday, February 27, 1896


    THE FLOOD OF 1847.

    No. 34.

    For the Register:
    The fall of 1846 up to the last of December was very peculiar. Rain, snow and then freeze, one following the other in quick succession, and when the thaw came with a long continued rain, the large and small tributaries of the Ohio were filled to overflowing and caused the Ohio river to overflow its banks in a way that reminded the oldest inhabitants of the flood of 1832, the first one noted in the Ohio valley. The early settlers had built their houses on the second bank, near the river for various reasons. One was so as to be near their canoes in case of an Indian raid. The other was the advantage of being close to water, saving labor. The flood of 1832 came and washed away most of their cabins, causing them to rebuild on the first or higher bank.

    I have heard old mother Kouns, grandmother of Capt. Kouns, and mother of Mrs. Crawford, Mrs. Campbell and others, say the flood almost covered their house and when it subsided they moved their house up on the higher bank where it now stands above all floods that have come since. There were a large number who came to Ohio valley after the 32 flood and knowing nothing about or not believing it built on the second bank like the old pioneer had done before and the 47 flood washed them out and they were compelled to seek higher ground.

    A Peter Wolfenberger was witness to the will of James Carnagie proved Aug. 1780 Shenandoah Co., VA
    Will Book A - Page 400
    James Caragie. town of Woodstock, Co. of Shen. Scotch descent. Mentions brother, Andrew Carnagie - eight thousand pounds. Mentions: John Machir, Jr. - my house. Mentions: children of my cousin Alexander Machir.
    Exors: Alexander Machir and Col. Travis Beale
    Wit: Rebecca Campbell, John Huffman and Peter Wolfenberger.
    Dated 11 Aug. 1780 proved Aug. 1780

    Abstract of Wills of Lancaster Co., PA
    Wolfesbarger, Frederick
    Will dated 16 Jan 1795 Proved 12 Feb 1795
    Wife: Elizabeth Wolfesbarger. Children: John, Frederick, George, Philip and Elizabeth. Bro: George Wolfesbarger.
    Ex. George Wolfesbarger and George Weinman. Elizabeth Twp.

    1. George W. Kouns, Jr. was born 1828, Lawrence Co. OH; died 1860, New Orleans, LA.
    2. 1. Sarah "Sally" Kouns was born 18 Nov 1807, Lawrence Co. OH; died 3 Jun 1876.
    3. Margaret "Peggy" Kouns
    4. Nancy Kouns died Jan 1898, Burlington, OH; was buried Burlington, OH.
    5. Elizabeth Kouns
    6. Mary Kouns was born 1813.
    7. Delilah Kouns
    8. Ann L. Kouns
    9. Catherine Kouns was born 13 Sep 1824; died Feb. 1912, Washington, DC.
    10. Amanda Kouns was born 1800.
    11. Emiline Kouns

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Christian Kouns was born 1759, Rockingham Co., VA; died 5 Dec 1837, Lawrence Co., OH.


    Compiled and (c) 2006 Kouns Family Research
    Sharon M. Kouns

    Christian Kouns b. 1759 Augusta (Rockingham) Co. VA
    d. 05 Dec 1837 Lawrence Co. OH
    m. 1777 bur: Kouns Graveyard, Union Twp.
    Co. OH just below the town of
    Anna Lamp b. 1760
    d. 22 Oct 1824 Lawrence Co. OH


    1. John L. Kouns b. 29 May 1780 Greenbrier Co. VA
    2. Henry Kouns b. ca 1785 VA
    3. George W. Kouns b. 1784 (1 article said PA rest VA)
    4. Jacob Kouns b. 12 Apr 1787
    5. Phillip Kouns b. 08 Sep 1789 Greenbrier Co. VA
    6. Sarah Kouns b. 1790
    7. Samuel Kouns b. 08 Jan 1795 Greenbrier Co. VA
    8. Nancy A. Kouns b. Jun 1798
    9. Christine Kouns b. 18 Nov 1781
    10. Hannah Kouns b. 08 Sep 1799 Big Levels Greenbrier Co.
    11. Andrew P. Kouns b. 03 Aug 1801 Greenbrier Co. VA

    1759 Christian Kouns birth Rockingham Co. VA (family Bible of Andrew P. Kouns in possession with Margaret Hostetler, LA)

    1760 Anna Lamp is born.

    1777 Christian Kouns and Anna Lamp is married (family Bible)

    1782 He enlisted into the service of the US Army June 14 while a resident of Frederick Co. Veteran's records show him also as Christopher Coontz, Christopher Coonts, Christ Coonts. There were two men with similar names who served, so it is difficult to tell.

    Revolutionary War record shows:
    Cpt. Robt. George's Co. Sept 1, 1782 - Jan 31 1783
    (Christian Coontz)
    Cpt. John Bayles Co. of Lincoln Militia (Ky. Co. M)
    Cpt. George's Artillery Co. Commonwealth of VA. and
    Ill. Dept. Feb 1783-Oct 1783 (C. Coons)
    Inf. soldier Nov 1785
    He may also be the man on lists from Ill. Regt. and
    Crocketts Regt. and Western Army under the command of
    Gen. George Rogers Clark as one who was entitled to
    and received bounty land for service.

    1787-90 Rockingham Tithables show Christian Koontz

    1790 Census of Virginia shows Christian Kunse in Rockingham
    Co. Six people in his family - 1 dwelling - 1 other
    (this could have been Christian with wife, Anna and
    1. John L. b. 1780, 2. George W. b. 1784,
    3. Jacob b. 1787 4. Phillip b. 1789)

    1790 Sep 30 - A John Kounts purchased land from Nimrod Tacket and Anne Tacket, his wife for 5 shillings land lying in the county of Greenbrier on the fork Survey Run containing 60 acres being part of a survey of 237 acres made for Abraham Friend the 15 day of Nov 1785, joining the land of John Condley, Charles Friend, the fork Survey and John Handley. Greenbrier deed book one page 461 30 Sep 1790.

    1795 Sep 29 Henry Kounts purchased land from Barnaby and Jean Johnston in the County of Greenbrier, VA for sum of 5 shillings. Land lying on the waters of Indian Creek joining the lands of John Swoobe and John Kinkaid containing 130 acres being part of a certain tract of parcel of land containing 353 acres made over in deed to Barnaby Johnston by Samuel Cadwell and wife.

    1798 Jun 20 Michael Kouns of the County of Greenbrier State of VA purchased land from William and Eamey Johnston for one dollar 88 acres being the land Johnston now lives on and lying and being in the county of Greenbrier on the Lick Run joining the land of Edward Keenan, Isaac Pattoso? and Kounces own land bought of Keenan and being the SW end of said survey of 150 acres.

    1799 Jun 3 Kanawha Land Records p. 430 - Indenture between Reuben Slaughter of Kanawha Co., etc. and John Kootz/Koonts of Rockingham Co. VA, 195 acres previously sold & situated joining the survey by settlement rights made for Joseph Carrol about 15 miles above the mouth of Elk on east side of the Great Kanawha said 195 acres together with 50 acres more, 2000 in all, patented to said Reuben Slaughter and Marten Hawking 4 Apr 1799 . . . Wit: David Ruffner, George Welch, Henry Sheles and recorded Jun 1800 Kanawha Co. Court.
    (Note Christian Koontz was already a land owner in Kanawha in 1806 on deed that states he purchased land in Greenbrier in 1806 then sold out in 1808)

    1803 Christian Koontz came from Greenbrier Co. (W)VA. (near White Sulphur Springs) to Gallia Co. OH which is now Lawrence (Lawrence Co. was formed in 1819)

    1806 Apr 28 Christian Koontz of the county of Kannawa, State of Va. for the sum of $1 puchased 124 acres from James and Ann Peebles. Land lying in the county of Greenbrier and ajoining the land of Hugh Keller. Greenbrier Co VA Deed Book 3 p. 332 and p. 333.

    1808 Oct 29 Christian Koontz of the County of Galia in the state of Ohio sold land to Thomas Creigh of the county of Greenbrier State of VA. Christian Koonts and Ann his wife for $5 sold 124 acres as conveyed in 1806 from Peebles to Koontz. This land adjoins in 1808 the land of Hugh Miller.

    1809 Oct 24 George Kountz and Margaret his wife of the County of ______ State of Virginia sold Michael Keenan of the county of Kenawha for 5 shillings 150 acres adjoining the land of Samuel Brown, Richard Heamphrespt?, William H?.

    1814 Christian Koontz is on Gallia Co. Tax List Range 16 Twp 1 (a John Koontz is shown there first in 1810 and 1814)

    1814 Christian Koontz purchased land Nov. 23 in Union Twp. from Edward Miller. There was a correction to this deed in 1824. The land was at the mouth of Symmes Creek.

    1817 Lawrence Co. legal records show him as a road viewer for a road to be built from Burlington to the Gallia County line.

    1818 Christian Kounce paid taxes Gallia Co. Range 16 Twp 1
    1818 Christian Kounce pays taxes in Lawrence Co. Oh same range and township as listed in Gallia (Lawrence Co. was formed from Gallia in 1817?)

    1820 Census shows him in Union Twp. Lawrence Co. OH. He and his wife are over 45y. Boys: two 16-26y. Girls: one under 10, one under 16 and one 16-26.

    1822 and 1828 Christian Koons is a taxpayer in Lawrence Co. OH. Fayette Twp. "From "Southern Ohio Taxpayers in the 1820's"

    1827 Oct 25 Christian Kouns sold 165 acres to son Andrew P. Kouns and lived with him there. Consideration in deed $1000.00. He filed a bond in the court stating the conditions under which this arrangement was being made. It included scheduled payments by Andrew P. Kouns to each of his brothers and sisters, who are named in the instrument. Vol. 5 pg. 104.

    (The conveyance of 165.64 acres from Edward Miller to Christian Koontz Vol. 5, Page 291 Gallia Co. - there is a conveyance in Lawrence Co. for the same property but correcting the Gallia deed with the add'l signature of Miller's wife, who failed to sign the original conveyance.

    1830 he is shown as male 70-100 years old in the household of Andrew P. Kouns on p. 315 of Ohio Census for Lawrence Co.

    From the Greenbrier land transactions the following Kouns owned land in that County: John Kouns 1790; Henry Kouns 1795; Christian and Ann his wife bought 1806 sold 1808; Michael Kouns 1798; George and Margaret his wife sold land in 1809 ( Were these 5 brothers? smk)

    The family bible of 11. Andrew P. Kouns the youngest s/o Christian and Anna Lamp - handwritten about the birth of Christian's grandchild George Lamp Kouns s/o 11. Andrew P. Kouns states: Born January 18th 1824 in Lawrence County,Ohio George Lamp Kouns, eldest son of Andrew P. Kouns & Hannah Hieser and grandson of Christian Kouns, born in Germany and emigrated to Greenbrier County, VA and from Ohio to Lawrence County Ohio about 1802.

    Know all men by these present that I, Andrew P. Kounts, of Lawrence County (Ohio) am held and firmly bound unto Christian Kounts, his executors, admrs., or assigns, for (to) which payment is to be well and truly made. Sealed with my seal this 25th day of October, 1827.

    The condition of this obligation is that Christian Kounts has sold to his son, Andrew P. Kounts, a tract of land containing 165 acres in Range 16, T 1, Section 37 in Lawrence County, for "love and affection" toward his son, and that he pay the following amounts to Christian's other children (heirs) from 1827-35:

    John L. Kounts $100 (1827)
    George Kounts $100 (1828)
    Jacob Kounts $100 (1830)
    Sally Wilson, wife of Wm. Wilson, $70
    Nancy Shute, wife of John C. $70
    Teany Wolfinbarger, wife of Philip $70
    Henry Kounts $100 (1829)
    Philip Kounts $100 (1831)
    Samuel Kounts $100 (1833)
    Helen Gilruth, gr.dau. $70 (1835)

    If Helen should die without leaving any heirs of her body, then the $70 to be divided among the other heirs named above. In addition to the aforesaid payments, Andrew P. Kounts hath agreed and promises to furnish unto the said Christian Kounts, at the dwelling house where he now resides, "a good and sufficient board and lodging, washing and other necessities & attention such as a beautiful son aught to administer to a parent during the natural life of him." Witnesses: Solomon Beckley and Elisha B. Green.

    From Gary Welch:
    A. P. Kouns and Wife
    Christian Kouns Cemetery Society Deed 16 July 1855

    Whereas A.P. Kouns Sen., G. L. Kouns, John Kouns, Benjamin Kouns, A.P. Kouns Jun., John C. Shute, Isaac Kouns, D.B. Chatfield, J.G. Shute and G. K. Crawford, citizens of Lawrence County and State of Ohio, did on the Eight day of July in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty five at Kouns farm in said County and State, pursuant to and agreeably to previous steps according to law having for that purpose taken , proceed to form and did form, by virtue of the statutes of Ohio, in such cases made and provided a cemetery association named, ?Christian Kouns Cemetery Society? and whereas the acts, doing, and proceedings of the aforesaid society, duly organized on that day have been recorded in the Recorder?s office of said County and State, in Book Vol. 1 , pages 3 and 4, a reference to which is here had to the same. And whereas at said organization, John Kouns, Benjamin Kouns and Isaac H. Kouns were duly constituted and elected trustees of said society and George L. Kouns, Clerk and at the same time such rules and regulations were adopted for the government of said society, the object of which being the more effectually and perpetually to enable them, having friends and relations buried in what is commonly called ? Kouns Burying Ground?, situate on Kouns farm, Union Township, in said County and State, to hold the same forever as a sacred burial place and for no other use or purpose whatsoever.
    And whereas A.P. Kouns, Sen. is at this time the owner of the fee simple to the lands whereon are situate said Burying Grounds. Now therefore, know all men by these presents, that We, A.P. Kouns, Sen. and Anna Kouns, his wife, of the County of Lawrence and Sate of Ohio, the more effectually to carry out the design and purpose aforesaid and to empower and enable ?Christian Kouns Cemetery Society? to perpetually and forever hold said burying place as hereon after described for that purpose and for no other and in consideration of the sum of one dollar to us in hand paid by John Kouns, Benjamin Kouns and Isaac H. Kouns, Trustees of said society, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, do give, grant, bargain and sell, alien and convey and confirm and by these presents have hereby granted, bargained and sold, aliened, conveyed and confirmed unto the said Trustees of ?Christian Kouns Cemetery Society? and their successors in office forever the following described real estate to wit; part of the West half of Section Thirty two, Township 1 of Range 16, commencing at the stone chimney on the farm of the said A.P. Kouns, Sen., thence N 6? 30' W, 919 links to a stone by the corner post of the graveyard lot, from thence N 13? 26' W, 2 chains to a corner post of the railing fence; thence S 78? 45' W, 84 links; thence S 12? 30' E, 202 links to a corner post of said fence from which a Black walnut 19 inches in diameter bears N 14? W, 47 links and a Mulberry forked at the ground 11 inches in diameter bears N 80? W, 50 links; thence N 19? E, 88 links to the beginning of the Graveyard containing by calculation one 70/100 acres, being the same piece or parcel of land lying and being in the Township of Union, County of Lawrence and State of Ohio, on the farm of the said A.P. Kouns, Sen. and commonly known as ?Kouns Burying Ground? and herein delineated and described according to a survey thereof made by Thomas A. Walton, County Surveyor of said County , July 25th 1854 and recorded in his records, Vol. # 6, page 213. To have and to hold the aforesaid granted premises with all the privileges and appurtenances belonging unto the said John Kouns, Benjamin Kouns and Isaac H. Kouns and their successors, Trustees as aforesaid, to be by them hold in trust for the members of ?Christian Kouns Cemetery Society? and to be held by them and their successors in office as a place of burial for the members of said society and their relatives, forever and for no other use other use or purpose whatever. And we, the said A.P. Kouns and Anna Kouns, his wife do hereby fully authorize and empower said Trustees and their successors in office to forever hold, protect and defend said granted premises for said purpose for the said society and for said purpose and use we will warrant and defend the same to them forever. In testimony whereof we, A.P. Kouns, Sen. and Anna Kouns, his wife, have hereunto set our hands and seals this 16th day of July A.D. 1855.

    Signed, sealed and acknowledged, delivered in our presence, A.P. Kouns (Seal)
    _ _ Johnson Hanah Kouns (Seal)
    B.F. Branham

    The State of Ohio, Lawrence County S.S. Before me, B.F. Branham, an acting Justice of the Peace, within and for the County and State aforesaid, personally came A.P. Kouns and Anna Kouns, his wife, both of whom signed and sealed the foregoing deed of conveyance and acknowledged the same and such signing and sealing to be their voluntary act and deed, and the said Anna Kouns having been examined by me separate and apart from her said husband and the purport and contents of this conveyance being then fully made known to her she upon such separate examination did acknowledge that she did voluntarily sign, seal and acknowledge the same and that she was and still is content and satisfied therewith.
    Given under my hand and seal the day and year last before mentioned. B. F. Branham.
    July the 18th A.D. 1855
    State of Ohio,
    Lawrence County Recorders Office, entered for record July the ? 1855 and this day recorded, fees one dollar and five cents.
    _ _ Wakefield, Recorder

    This is from the Lawrence County Ohio Deed book # 16. Pg. # 305-306.

    From Gary Welch:
    In a message dated 2/20/2010 6:06:33 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
    I thought that I would pass this on to everyone, I would like to pursue this land at some point and see where it is actually located. If anyone has any verifiable information abt. this please let me know. Take Care, Gary

    Christly Koontz
    To Deed
    Thos. Creigh

    This indenture made this Twenty ninth day of October, One Thousand eight hundred and eight between Christly Koonts of the County of Gallia in the State of Ohio of the one part and Thomas Creigh of the County of Greenbrier and State of Virginia of the other part. Witnesseth that the said Christly Koonts and Ann, his wife, for and in consideration of the sum of five dollars, lawful money of the United Sates, to them in hand paid by the said Thomas Creigh, the receipt whereof they do hereby acknowledge, have granted, bargained and sold and by these presents do grant, bargain and sell unto the said Thomas Creigh and his heirs, forever, a certain tract or parcel of land, containing one hundred and twenty four acres, lying and being in the County of Greenbrier, being the same conveyed to the said Koonts by James Peebles and Ann, his wife, by indenture bearing date the Twenty ninth day of April 1806 and entered of record in the County Court of Greenbrier and adjoins the lands belonging to Hugh Miller and bounded as followeth, Viz. Beginning at a White Oak on said Miller?s line and with the same, North 51?, E 94 poles to two White Oaks and a Hickory, thence leaving said line, North 44? West, 100 poles to two White Oaks on a hill, West 16 poles to two White Oaks on a ridge, South 32? West, 32 poles to two White Oaks near a sink, N 70? West, 50 poles to two Cherry trees in a thicket, North 11?, West 16 poles to two White Oaks on the point of a ridge, North 60? West, 20 poles to two White Oaks on the side of a ridge, South 60? West, 60 poles to two small Hickories, South 38? West, 28 poles to a White Oak and Cherry tree, South 74? West, 20 poles to a bunch of Lynns, South 66? East, 220 poles to the beginning with all the appurtances there unto belonging or in anywise there unto appertaining. To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land to him the said Thomas Creigh and his heirs for ever to the only proper use and behoof of him the said Thomas Creigh and his heirs forever, and the said Christly Koonts and Ann, his wife, do for themselves and their heirs, executors and administrators, covenant and agree to and with the said Thomas Creigh and his heirs that they, the said Christly Koonts and Ann, his wife, that at the time of sealing and the delivery of these presents was seized of sure and indefeasible estate of inheritance in fee simple of and in the said tract or parcel of land hereby conveyed and every part and parcel thereof and the same now and shall forever remain free and clear from all incumbrances or charges of what nature or kind so ever made, done or suffered by them or any person claiming under them and the said Christly Koontz and Ann, his wife, for themselves and their heirs will warrant and defend the said tract or parcel of land hereby conveyed and every part and parcel thereof to said Thomas Creigh, his heirs and assigns forever against the claim or claims of all manner of persons whatsoever. In Testimony whereof, the said Christly Koontz and Ann, his wife, have hereunto set their hand and affixed their seals the day and year first above written.

    Signed, sealed and
    delivered in presence of, unreadable signature (Seal)
    Tho. Grattan
    H. Harman
    J. Mathews
    At a Court held for Greenbrier County, the 27th day of December 1808, this deed from Christian Koontz to Thomas Creigh was presented in Court and proved by the Oaths of Thomas Grattan, Henry Harmon and John Mathews, the witnesses thereto to the act and deed of the said Christian Koontz and the same is ordered recorded.

    Lewis Stuart C.G.C.

    This is from LDS Film # 0593546, ?Greenbrier Co. West Virginia Deeds Vol. # 3-4?
    Vol. # 4 pg. # 138-139. It shows the sale of 124 acres land that Christian Kouns had bought from James Peebles in 1806. At the time of purchase, Christian and Ann, his wife, were living in Kanawha Co. Virginia, however as shown above, he had moved to Gallia Co. Ohio when he sold this land.

    Greenbrier Co. West Virginia lost land to Kanawha Co. in 1789, and continued to suffer land losses to new/adjoining counties up to 1831. Counties formed or parts taken from Greenbrier Co. include Bath, Monroe, Nicholas, Pocahontas, Alleghany and Fayette Counties. Therefore, the land that Christian Kouns briefly owned could be located in any of these counties.

    Christian married Anna Lamp 1777, Rockingham Co., VA?. Anna was born 1760; died 22 Oct 1824, Lawrence Co., OH. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Anna Lamp was born 1760; died 22 Oct 1824, Lawrence Co., OH.


    Not proven to be same:
    Proceedings and addresses Vol. 20 ?Page 1811 Pennsylvania German Society 1911.
    Lamb, Ann Born 1755 bapt Aug. 4, 1755 parents: Johannes and Anna ; spons. Balthasar Fuller and wife Anna

    Lamp, Joh. Georg., B. June 23, 1763, bap 13 Aug 1763 parents Johannes and Anna; spon. Joh. Georg Kresh and wife.

    1. John L. Kouns was born 18 Jun 1780, VA; died 10 Jun 1851, Rosston Cemetery, Boone Co., IN.
    2. Christena Kouns was born 18 November 1781, possibly Greenbriar Co, Va; died October 1851, possibly Gallia Co., OH.
    3. 2. George W. Kouns was born 1784, VA; died 7 Jun 1848, Lawrence Co., OH.
    4. Henry Koons/Kouns was born 1785, VA; died 7 Jun 1866.
    5. Jacob Kouns/Koons was born 12 Apr 1787, VA; died 8 May 1864, Lynn Tp, Hardin Co., OH.
    6. Phillip Koontz was born 8 Sep 1789, VA; died 18 Nov 1867, Bur: Raccoon Tp., Gallia Co., Oh.
    7. Sarah Kouns was born Abt 1790.
    8. Samuel Kouns, Sr. was born 8 Jan 1795, Greenbriar Co., VA; died 25 Sep 1845, Lawrence Co., OH.
    9. Nancy Kouns was born Abt 1797, Virginia.
    10. Helen Hannah Kountz was born 8 Sep 1799, Big Levels, Greenbrier Co., Va; died 28 Nov 1818, French Grant, Lawrence Co., OH.
    11. Andrew P. Kouns was born 3 Aug 1801, Greenbriar Co., VA; died 22 Aug 1880, Lawrence Co., Oh.