Ida Gertrude Gillen

Female 1880 - 1899

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Ida Gertrude Gillen was born 28 Nov. 1880 (daughter of Clarence Edgar Gillen and Mazie Lemley); died 3 June 1899.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Clarence Edgar Gillen was born 29 Jan. 1855, Lawrence Co., OH (son of Isaac Frampton Gillen and Amy Kimball); died 30 May 1921, Independence, KS.


    Moved to Independence, KS where he was engaged in farming.

    Clarence married Mazie Lemley 28 Dec. 1879. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Mazie Lemley
    1. 1. Ida Gertrude Gillen was born 28 Nov. 1880; died 3 June 1899.
    2. Mazie Ethel Gillen was born 7 Apr 1882; died 12 Aug 1885.
    3. Rachel Amy Gillen was born 28 Dec. 1883.
    4. Clarence Ernest Gillen was born 10 Feb. 1885.
    5. Eva Leona Gillen was born 28 Dec. 1887.
    6. William Kimball Gillen was born 9 Feb. 1890; died 20 Nov. 1891.
    7. Jessie Mae Gillen was born 7 Nov. 1897.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Isaac Frampton Gillen was born 23 May 1823.


    He was a farmer and served six terms as trustee of Union Township, Lawrence Co., Ohio. He built the first grist mill in the county just above the mouth of Symmes Creek.

    Isaac married Amy Kimball 4 March 1852. Amy (daughter of Asa Kimball/Kimble and Julia Bagley) was born 28 Jan. 1830, Lawrence Co., OH; died 16 Oct. 1866. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Amy Kimball was born 28 Jan. 1830, Lawrence Co., OH (daughter of Asa Kimball/Kimble and Julia Bagley); died 16 Oct. 1866.
    1. Eva Inez Gillen was born 22 March 1853.
    2. 2. Clarence Edgar Gillen was born 29 Jan. 1855, Lawrence Co., OH; died 30 May 1921, Independence, KS.
    3. Kimball William Gillen was born 25 Oct. 1856, Lawrence Co., OH; died 9 Dec. 1926.
    4. Rachel Ann Gillen was born Lawrence Co., OH; died 2 May 1936, Rocky Ford, Otero Co., CO.
    5. Mary Alice Gillen was born 24 April 1860, Lawrence Co., OH; died 16 Oct 1886, possibly Rocky Ford, CO.
    6. Elijah Cecil Gillen was born 30 April 1862, Lawrence Co., OH.
    7. Julia Gertrude Gillen was born 20 Oct. 1864; died 17 April 1890.
    8. John Isaac Gillen was born 28 Aug. 1866; died 6 April 1889.
    9. Frank Arthur Gillen was born 10 Oct. 1868; died 5 Nov. 1870.
    10. Sarah E. Gillen was born 19 Sept. 1870; died 5 Oct. 1870.
    11. Martin Hunter Gillen was born 26 Jan. 1873.

Generation: 4

  1. 10.  Asa Kimball/Kimble was born 22 Jan. 1804, Barton, VT (son of Asa Kimball and Sarah Owen); died 9 March 1871.


    Ironton Register, Feb. 5, 1891

    Imes, Kan., Jan. 26, ’91

    Editor Register:
    After leaving Burlington last August, I followed the public highway up the river to the mouth of Symmes creek. At the mouth of Charley creek, where James Crawford used to live, I failed to see any sign of the flat boat building that used to be so common at that place along in the forties. It seems as though the flatboat traffic has been greatly reduced in the past forty years. We seem to be living in a fast age, where nothing short of steam and electricity satisfy the rush and push of the people. Passing along to what used to be the Judge Scovill farm, I learned that it was now owned and occupied by Stephen Dillon, and I was told that he had accumulated quite a fortune. We lived next to the Dillon family from 1840 to 1844 and I well remember of hearing the sound of their axes as early as four o’clock in the morning. Also the sound of their wagons grinding over the rocks and stumps, at this early hour. I should judge that $500 would then cover the entire cash value of their property. But such push and energy were soon rewarded by increased wealth, honor and influence. I did not have the pleasure of renewing my acquaintance with the honored citizen and proprietor of these broad acres.

    Uncle Asa Kimball, at the mouth of Symmes, has long since passed away. There again could be heard daily the sound of hammer and chisel, building flat boats, in the long ago. Just across the river, the city of Huntington has grown up like magic. Railroads, as I understand, have been the principal cause of this sudden growth. I passed up Buffalo Creek, where we last lived. The Uncle Jack Francis place looked somewhat familiar, the same old hewed log house is still there, and the Mrs. Henry place looked natural. I learned this place was owned by my old school-mate, Wm. Henry’s widow. Thence up to Uncle Jimmy Lynd’s, where through the kind hospitality of the aged couple, I took dinner and talked over old times. How very strange everything seemed after living on the level prairies of the West for more than forty years.

    I may, at some future time, tell your readers something of the great West as I see it. I have lived in Kansas 25 years and have seen drought, chinch bugs and grasshoppers, but ,taking it all in all, I could not be induced to make my abode in those hills again.
    H. Imes.

    I.R. May 19, 1870 - Real Estate Transfers - Asa Kimball to Isaac Kouns, land, $1,500.

    Ironton Register October 12, 1895 - “Kouns Chapel”
    Editor Register - About three years ago Union Chapel, situated in Chesapeake School District, was abandoned and allowed to decay and fall. The old church was the one in which such good old Christians as Asa Kimball and wife, Hibbert Kimball and wife, R. Bagley and wife, Amy Gillen, Col. A. P. Kouns and wife, and a great many others worshipped for years, and who have all gone to reap their reward. During the past summer, through many difficulties, a small band has succeeded in rebuilding the church which will be named “Kouns Chapel.” We have a small balance to raise on Dedication day which occurs Sunday, Oct. 20, Rev. W. S. Filler, Presiding Elder officiating. All Christians as friends of Christianity cordially invited. Tom C. Smith, for Trustees.

    Asa — Julia Bagley. Julia was born 13 Aug. 1806; died 24 Oct. 1879. [Group Sheet]

  2. 11.  Julia Bagley was born 13 Aug. 1806; died 24 Oct. 1879.


    IR Nov. 20, 1879 - Obituary. - Kimble. - Julia Bagley was born in the State of New York, August 13, 1806. She came to Lawrence Co., O., landing at Burlington in 1818, sixty-one years ago, when the country was new and settlers few. She was married to Asa Kimble, March 27, 1829, and lived many years at their pleasant home near the mouth of Symmes Creek. They were the parents of ten children, all of whom have passed away, save three daughters, who live near the old homestead....

    Ironton Register Nov. 20, 1879 - Father Kouns - J. T. Vaughn, writing to the Jackson Standard, gives the following item:

    Sunday, we buried Mrs. Julia Kimball nee Bagley, one of the old residents. She was 73 years of age, and respected and loved by all who knew her. Her husband died about eight years ago. Three daughters are left to mourn her loss. After the funeral I took dinner with grandfather Kouns; one among the oldest residents of the county. Born in 1801, came to this county in 1804. The old gentleman, with the exception of occasional attacks of rheumatism, is hale and hearty. He related several instances of early life in Ohio. In relating some of his experience, he spoke of the great quantity of squirrels. The young men made up a hunting party, fifteen on a side; they were to hunt one week, and the party that killed the least number, must pay for the dinner. At the end of the week, the crowd brought in 6,000 scalps. He said they often hand to chink and daub their corncribs, in order to keep the little thieves out.

    1. 5. Amy Kimball was born 28 Jan. 1830, Lawrence Co., OH; died 16 Oct. 1866.
    2. Henry Kimball was born 1831; died 1836.
    3. Eliza Kimball was born 9 June 1835.
    4. Asa Kimball was born 24 Sept. 1837, Lawrence Co., OH; died 1865.
    5. Owen Kimball was born 24 Sept. 1837; died 1840.
    6. Amanda Kimball was born 1841, Lawrence Co., OH; died 6 July 1890.
    7. Sarah Jane Kimball was born 10 Sept. 1846.
    8. Roxie Kimball was born 10 Sept. 1846, Lawrence Co., OH.
    9. Orlando Kimball was born 1848; died 1850.
    10. Myra Kimball was born 1850; died 1851.