Martha Chapman

Female 1862 -

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Martha Chapman was born 1862, Wolfe Co., KY (daughter of Francis Marion Chapman and Charlotte Sparks).

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Francis Marion Chapman was born 1836, Russell Co., VA (son of Edmon Chapman and Sarah Sneed).

    Francis — Charlotte Sparks. Charlotte (daughter of James Sparks and Temperance Spencer) was born 1839. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Charlotte Sparks was born 1839 (daughter of James Sparks and Temperance Spencer).
    1. Emily Chapman was born 1860, Wolfe Co., KY.
    2. 1. Martha Chapman was born 1862, Wolfe Co., KY.
    3. Jezebel Chapman was born 1865, Wolfe Co., KY.
    4. Logan Chapman was born 1867, Wolfe Co., KY.
    5. Kenton Chapman was born 1870, Wolfe Co., KY.
    6. Laura Lura G. Chapman was born 1874; died 1949.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Edmon Chapman

    Edmon — Sarah Sneed. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Sarah Sneed
    1. 2. Francis Marion Chapman was born 1836, Russell Co., VA.

  3. 6.  James Sparks (son of Ephraim Sparks and Charlotte).

    James married Temperance Spencer 26 Sept. 1833, Perry Co., KY. Temperance (daughter of Moses Spencer and Elizabeth Deaton) was born 1809, Lee Co., VA; died Abt. 1870; was buried Tar Ridge, Wolfe Co., Ky.. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Temperance Spencer was born 1809, Lee Co., VA (daughter of Moses Spencer and Elizabeth Deaton); died Abt. 1870; was buried Tar Ridge, Wolfe Co., Ky..


    See notes under Frank Spencer aka Jay Morris/Marsh

    1850 Morgan Co., KY Federal Census
    James Sparks, age 40
    Tempa age 40
    John age 15
    Pheba age 13
    Charlotte age 11
    Nancy age 9
    Ephraim age 7
    Cordila age 5

    1860 United States Federal Census
    Name: James Sparks
    Age in 1860: 47
    Birth Year: abt 1813
    Birthplace: Virginia
    Home in 1860: Owsley, Kentucky
    Gender: Male
    Post Office: Swiftsville
    Value of real estate: View Image
    Household Members: Name Age
    James Sparks 47
    Temperance Sparks 46
    Nancy Sparks 17
    Ephraim Sparks 12
    Cordilla Sparks 12
    Temperance Sparks 10
    Evoline Sparks 3

    Our Family Tree Roots and Branches by Nora Cox Clark states that: Barbara Wells descended here; Their daughter, Tempy married John D. Profitt - he was reported to have frozen to death.

    1. Benton Sparks was born 1832.
    2. John J. Sparks was born 1835, Perry Co., KY.
    3. Phoebe Jane or Ann Sparks was born 1837, Breathitt Co., KY; died 30 Mar 1865, Wolfe Co., KY.
    4. 3. Charlotte Sparks was born 1839.
    5. Nancy Ann Sparks was born 1843.
    6. Ephraim Sparks was born 1846; died 1870.
    7. Cordelia Sparks was born 1850.
    8. Temperance Sparks was born 1853; died 1880.
    9. Evaline Sparks was born 11 Nov 1856, Owsley Co., KY; died Wolfe Co., KY.

Generation: 4

  1. 12.  Ephraim Sparks

    Ephraim — Charlotte. [Group Sheet]

  2. 13.  Charlotte
    1. 6. James Sparks

  3. 14.  Moses Spencer was born 08 Dec 1786, Montgomery Co., Va (son of Joseph Charles Spencer and Mary DeRoach Broom); died 10 Sept. 1861, Wolfe Co., Ky.; was buried Spencer Cem., Sandy Ridge Rd., Wolfe Co., KY.


    Notes from Sharon Kouns
    There was a Moses Spencer b. 1744 ...generation before this one...I'm adding the note here so that I can refer back to it later.
    Source: Tennessee Heroes in the Revolution
    Moses Spencer, also spelled Spenser, applied for revolutionary pension while living in Maury County, Tenn., December 28, 1818. He was born January 16, 1744, but the place of his birth and names of his parents are not given. He enlisted February 10, 1778, in Captain James Baytop's company in the Seventh Virginia regiment and later in Colonel William Heth's Virginia regiment. he transferred to Captain Young's company and was in the battle of Monmouth. He received his discharge February 16, 1779. He volunteered for service in the battle of Guilford Court House.

    Soon after the close of the Revolution he moved to North Carolina and then moved to South Carolina. From there he moved to Mercer County, Kentucky, then to Barrent County, Kentucky, and about the year 1810 to Lawrence County, Tenn., which had meanwhile been erected from Maury County. He died March 27, 1826 in Lawrence or Maury County. He married November 20, 1779, in Henry or Amelia County, Virginia, Elizabeth Tinsley, daughter of Thomas Tinsley, who was present at the marriage. The eldest child of Moses and Elizabeth Spencer was born February 9, 1781. In 1820 Moses Spencer referred to his son Amasa Spencer, and in 1821, he said that his youngest son Amzi, was twenty-three years of age. Other children were: Ellen Blithe (Blythe), Thomas, who in July 1850, said he was sixty-five years old, Tabitha Woods, the oldest daughter.

    The widow Elizabeth Spencer applied for pension in 1843 when she was a resident of Lawrence county, and eighty years old. She died August 13, 1849 in Lawrence county. Her surviving children in that year were: Thomas, Tabitha Woods and Ellen Blythe.

    1860 United States Federal Census
    Name: Moses Spencer
    Age in 1860: 73
    Birth Year: abt 1787
    Birthplace: Virginia
    Home in 1860: Owsley, Kentucky
    Gender: Male
    Post Office: Spruce Grove
    Value of real estate: View image
    Household Members: Name Age
    Moses Spencer 73
    Elizabeth Spencer 65

    The Moses Spencer family were some of the first settlers to come to Wolfe Co., Kentucky. He brought slaves with him from Virginia. They travelled over the wilderness roads in covered wagons. He farmed 8,000 acres, raising wheat which he shipped down the Kentucky River to Beattyville on rafts. He owned land from the mouth of Devil's Creek, where it goes into the Kentucky River, to the mouth of upper Devil's Creek, which is a distance of about fifteen miles, and the land ran back for about five miles from the river, all the way to the Wolfe County line.

    The Moses Spencer plantation was passed down to James and Deborah Bowman Spencer, who continued to work the farm with slaves. James had 17 slaves at the time of the Civil War when President Lincoln freed the slaves. James gave them their freedom but some of them didn't want to go. Four of James' slaves are buried on a hill on the farm. They died after drinking water from a spring in a cave on the farm. Most people thought they died because of being overheated in the wheat fields and then drinking too much cold water. James thought someone had poisened them and after that would never let anyone drink water from that spring.

    Moses Spencer was born in N. Carolina, Dec. 8, 1786, and died in 1861 at the age of 75 years. He was a son of Joseph Charles Spencer and his wife Mary. He married Elizabeth Deaton, born in N. Carolina, 1793 and died March 3, 1874. She was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Deaton. They are buried at the lower end of Sandy Ridge in Wolfe Co., Kentucky, in the Moses Spencer Cemetery. Moses and Elizabeth Deaton had 15 children. One child, a boy named Bert, died on the road from Virginia to Kentucky.

    Source: "Early Settlers of Lee Co., VA and Adjacent Counties"
    4. Moses Spencer (son of Joseph) had a wife named Elizabeth. Moses and Elizabeth most likely had several children but their names are not known. Moses Spencer was a land owner in Lee County, the deeds are all of record. John D. Spencer is mentioned in the records, he was most likely a son. Many of Joseph Spencer's descendants removed from Lee County, Virginia and settled in Kentucky, and Moses Spencer most likely moved to Kentucky after 1831.

    Moses married Elizabeth Deaton 1806, Lee Co., VA. Elizabeth (daughter of John Deaton and Isabella Brantley) was born 1790, VA; died 03 Mar 1874, Wolfe Co., KY; was buried Spencer Cem., Sandy Ridge Rd., Wolfe Co., KY. [Group Sheet]

  4. 15.  Elizabeth Deaton was born 1790, VA (daughter of John Deaton and Isabella Brantley); died 03 Mar 1874, Wolfe Co., KY; was buried Spencer Cem., Sandy Ridge Rd., Wolfe Co., KY.
    1. Rev. John Daniel Spencer was born 1807, Lee Co., VA; died 1883, Lee Co., KY.
    2. 7. Temperance Spencer was born 1809, Lee Co., VA; died Abt. 1870; was buried Tar Ridge, Wolfe Co., Ky..
    3. Phenabie Ann Spencer was born abt. 1810, VA.
    4. Joseph Charles Spencer was born 1812, Lee or Montgomery Co., VA; died 1858, Wolfe Co., KY.
    5. William Taylor Spencer was born 1813, Lee co., VA; died Bef 1898.
    6. Isabella Spencer was born 1817; died 02 Jan 1898, Wolfe Co., KY.
    7. Delilah Spencer was born 1818, Lee Co., VA; died bef. 1912.
    8. Moses Spencer, Jr. was born 1819, Lee Co., VA; died bef. 1910.
    9. Goolman Spencer was born abt. 1824, VA; died 8 Sept. 1894, Powell Co., KY.
    10. Hiram Armstrong Spencer was born Feb. 1826, Lee Co., VA; died 26 Mar 1916, Wolfe Co., KY.
    11. Brantley B.or T. Spencer was born 1829, Lee Co., VA; died 1894.
    12. Elizabeth Spencer was born 1830, VA.
    13. Jeames Spencer was born 14 Jul 1831; died 04 Jul 1894; was buried Moses Spencer Cem., Big Andy Ridge, Wolfe Co., Ky..
    14. Jemima Spencer was born 1832, Lee Co., VA.
    15. Bert Spencer