Thomas M. Turner

Male 1838 - 1864

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Thomas M. Turner was born 1838, Illinois (son of Joseph M. Turner and Hannah Ann Dowler); died 11 July 1864, Staunton, Augusta Co., VA Civil War.


    Thomas M Turner was born in 1843 in IL. He died on 11 JUL 1864 in Staunton, Augusta Co, VA. He served in the military in Civil War, Co A 12th WV Inf. Pvt Co A 12th Reg WV Vol Inf, enlisted 16 AUG 1862, died 11 JUL 1864, Staunton, VA.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Joseph M. Turner was born 15 July 1832, Ohio Co., VA (son of John Turner and Mary); died 1895.

    Joseph married Hannah Ann Dowler 27 Dec. 1832, Ohio Co., VA by Joseph Alexander. Hannah (daughter of George Dowler and Mary Barteaux/Barto) was born 1814, Ohio Co., VA; died 13 Sept. 1867, Marshall Co., WV. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Hannah Ann Dowler was born 1814, Ohio Co., VA (daughter of George Dowler and Mary Barteaux/Barto); died 13 Sept. 1867, Marshall Co., WV.


    T. Vernon Anderson notes:
    She was married to Joseph M Turner on 27 DEC 1832 in Ohio Co, VA.6 married by Joseph Alexander Joseph M Turner was born on 15 JUL 1810 in VA. He died in 1895. s/o John Turner & Mary.

    #365 Marshall Co 1850
    Turner, Joseph 39 VA, Hannah 36 VA, Sarah E 14 VA, John N 12 VA, George 9 IL,
    Thomas M 7 IL, Mary VA, Margory 1/12 VA

    #1561 Marshall Co 1860
    Turner, Joseph 49 VA, Hannah J 47 VA, John M 22 VA, George L 19 IL, Sarah E 23
    VA, Thomas M 18 IL, Mary J 13 VA, Samuel Magers 21 VA

    #163 Washington Dist Marshall Co 1870
    Turner, Joseph 60 VA, Susan 51 PA, Sarah 29 VA, George Riddle 22 VA

    #426 Washington Dist Marshall Co 1880
    Turner, Joseph 69 WV WV MD, Susan 62 wife PA PA PA, Sarah E 40 dau WV

    1. Sarah E. Turner was born 1836, Marshall Co., VA.
    2. John M. Turner was born 1838, Marshall Co., VA.
    3. George L. Turner was born 1841, Illinois.
    4. 1. Thomas M. Turner was born 1838, Illinois; died 11 July 1864, Staunton, Augusta Co., VA Civil War.
    5. Mary Jane Turner was born 1847, Marshall Co., VA.
    6. Margory Turner was born 1850, Marshall Co., VA.
    7. Joseph Turner was born 9 Dec. 1852, Marshall Co., VA; died 15 Sept. 1854, Marshall Co., VA died infancy.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  John Turner

    John — Mary. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Mary
    1. 2. Joseph M. Turner was born 15 July 1832, Ohio Co., VA; died 1895.

  3. 6.  George Dowler was born 26 Dec. 1776, Westmoreland, PA (son of Edward Dowler and Nellie Riggs); died 1 Oct. 1862, Dowlers Ridge, Marshall Co., WV.


    Cloonan: George Dowler moved west from "near Baltimore" Maryland "in" 1790, settled "at" Brownsville, PA (Fayette county having been formed in 1783 from part of Westmoreland county which was formed from part of Bedford county in 1773), where he remained until 1811 when he came as a pioneer preacher to Ohio County, Virginia (now WV) and settled in Union district (Twp?), where he lived until his death in 1862, age 86.

    Working hypothesis - this family not proven - Sharon Kouns

    1850 Marshall Co., VA Census
    George Dowler age 74 b. abt. 1776
    Mary age 70 b. abt. 1789
    Isaac age 25 b. abt. 1825
    Jacob age 16 b. abt. 1834

    next house in 1850
    Thos. Lancaster age 24
    Margaret age 24
    Eden W. age 2/12

    next house after the Lancaster's
    Thomas Dowler age 30
    Jane age 30
    John age 8
    Mary M. age 6
    Isaac E. age 4
    George F or T age 1

    1860 Marshall Co., VA Census
    Thomas Dowler age 39 b. ca 1821 VA
    Jane age 41 b. ca 1819 VA
    Mary M. age 16 b. VA
    Isaac E. age 13
    George T. age 11
    Joanna age 7 b. VA
    Obadiah age 1 b. VA
    Margaret Oram age 75 b. Ireland (was she a mother-in-law?)

    Next Door to Thomas and Mary Dowler was
    George Dowler age 83 b. 1777 PA M.E.Clergyman
    Mary age 79 b. 1781 b. PA
    Sarah E. Talbert age 19 VA (no relation to George given)

    Next Door to George and Mary was:
    Isaac Dowler age 32 b. VA
    Catherine age 25 b. VA
    John T. age 8 b. VA
    George W. age 5 b. VA
    Mary J. age 3 B. VA

    Dowlers of Cowley County
    Dowler was an old English surname. Many bearing the name claim Irish descent. They are no doubt descendants of those Dowlers who migrated to Ireland in ancient times. The English counties of Leicestershire and Rutlandshire were, and still are, the principal seats of the family. According to statistics there are twenty-six Dowlers among every 10,000 per sons in these counties. Several hundred years ago the surname Dawell was often associated with Dowler and no doubt at one time were the same ---though this does not mean that all Dowlers and Dowler are related today. For centuries the Dowlers have possessed a coat-of-arms. It was granted in the 13th century and contains a rampant lion, but no motto.

    George Dowler came to America from Ireland and settled in Miffin County, Pennsylvania in 1781. He had three sons and nine daughters. As I understand, one of these daughters, Elizabeth DewIer Foster, became the mother of seven sans and four daughters. one of these sons that William Wesley Dowler was born in 1845.

    William Wesley Dowler served in Co. D, 7th West Virginia Infantry during the Civil War. Later he married Alvina McHenry.

    This couple came to Cowley County from Wheeling, West Virginia in 1881 and settled in Pleasant Valley Township. There were four children at that time: Emma, Warren Wesley, Deliver Domer, and Icie Pearl. They built their home which is still in existance. An acreage containing the improvements has been sold but the remainder of the property is now the property of a grandson. Three more children were born in Cowley County: India Mertle, Charles Clinton, and Gracie May. All these children, and their spouses, are now deceased, five of them buried in Cowley County and the other two in neighboring Kay County, Oklahoma.

    All available history and personal knowledge indicates that the Dowlers were farmers, farm laborers, or housewives, some of the later generations have become involved in other occupations.

    The Dowler descendants have been having "Family Reunions" every year for the past several years. My first recollection of a family get-together was in 1935, at Ponca City, Ok., when a relative of the late Mrs. William Wesley Dowler, a Dr. McHenry, and eye doctor, was the honored guest. I do not remember that these were annual affairs until later. Some times they were held at Winfield; sometimes in Arkansas City; sometimes in private homes; and sometimes at public places such us parks.

    Grandchildren (and their descendants to great grandchildren) now living in Cowley County are: Robert W., Roy, and Lloyd Dowler, Mrs. Otis (Doris) Bryant, Delbert and William (Bill) Harader, Mrs. Ruth Birdzell, Mrs. Vera Brothers, Mrs. Vernon (Velma) Hankins, and Mrs. Lawrence (Mae) Dowler and myself, Mrs. C.H. (Helen) Dowler, granddaughters-in-law.

    Submitted by Helen M. Dowler
    Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, Page 159.

    1860 United States Federal Census
    Name: George Dowler
    Age in 1860: 83
    Birth Year: abt 1777
    Birthplace: Pennsylvania
    Home in 1860: Not Stated, Marshall, Virginia
    Gender: Male
    Post Office: Ben Wood
    Value of real estate: View image
    Household Members: Name Age
    George Dowler 83
    Mary Dowler 79
    Sarah E Talbert 19

    T. Vernon Anderson Notes:
    Farmer & Pioneer Preacher
    Lived MD until 1790, Brownsville, PA until 1811, Union Dist (Dowler's Ridge)
    Ohio Co, VA and then Union Dist, Marshall Co, VA, until his death.

    pg 402 "History of the Panhandle, 1879", Union District, Marshall Co, WV
    The McHenrys, the McCombs, the Allens, the Dowlers, the Blacks, the Barteaux,
    the Caldwells, are among the most prominent who first settled here.
    Mount Zion Methodist Protestant Church. The first meeting of the society,
    which is now extinct, was held at the house of Rev George Dowler in 1833.
    Burnes then succeeded Dowler. In 1848 a log church was erected. During the
    rebellion it united itself to the Methodist Episcopal Church. It was only a
    mission field. The building is still standing, but is unoccupied.

    He was appointed as a school commissioner 23 APR 1836 for a one year term.

    He was appointed supervisor & overseer of the poor in 19 JUN 1835 by the court.
    pg 380, "History of the Pan-Handle, West Virginia"

    2 APR 1811 Enoch Sutton & Elizabeth his wife sold to George Dowler of
    Washington Co, PA for $250.00 a tract of land containing one hundred acres on
    Little Grave Creek. Marshall Co, WV Deed bk 7 pg 140.

    4 MAY 1812 John Brown binds his ward Margaret Brown to George Dowler until she is 18 years old to learn reading, writing, and the art of spinning, knitting, etc.

    1800 East Bethlehem Twp, Washington Co, PA, #851
    Dowler, George 26-44 (24?) married, wife Mary Barto

    1810 Pike Run Twp, Washington Co, PA, pg 084
    Dowler, George 26-44, 34 married moved to Ohio Co, VA 1811

    1820 Ohio Co, VA census index #016
    Dowler, George

    1830 Ohio Co, VA cenus pg #213
    Dowler, George 50-60, male 5-10, male 15-20, male 20-30, female 0-5, 2 females
    10-15, female 15-20, female 40-50

    1840 Marshall Co, VA census, Dowler, George 60-70, wife 50-60, male 5-10, 2
    males 15-20, female 10-15, female 20-30.

    #100 Marshall Co, VA 1850
    Dowler, George 74 PA, Mary 70 PA, Isaac 25 Cooper VA, Jacob 16 VA

    #2189 Marshall Co, VA census 1860.
    Dowler, George 83 M E Clergy PA, Mary 79 PA, Sarah C Talbert 19 VA

    He was married to Mary Barto (daughter of John Barteaux and Margaret Frazier).
    Mary Barto was born on 22 MAY 1781 in PA. She died on 18 DEC 1860 in Marshall
    Co, VA. She was buried in McMechen Cem, Marshall Co, WV. She has reference
    number 73.

    Marshall County
    Will Book 1 page 297

    In the name of God Amen
    I George Dowler of Marshall county and state of Virginia being in health and
    sound in mind and memory thank God and calling to mind the mortality of my body I desire my body to be buried with a Christian burial. My soul to God that gave it. As to such estate as I possess I dispose of in the following manner towit: To my son Thomas Dowler I give and bequeath that portion land that I purchased of Josiah Talbert and that portion of my homestead lying west of a line to be drawn from the barn back of the orchard to south-west corner of the barn thence to the meeting house including the barn field and also the land lying north-west of the ridge road.
    The remainder of my homestead to my son Isaac Dowler.
    As to my personal property I give and bequeath to my sons Thomas Dowler and
    Isaac Dowler whom I appoint and ordain the Executors of this my last will and
    testament after all my just debts and funeral expenses are paid and they pay
    the following legacies towit said Thomas Dowler to pay to my son Edward Dowler one hundred dollars, to my son Michael Dowler one hundred dollars to my [son] Joseph Dowler one hundred and fifty dollars. My son Isaac Dowler to pay to my daughters the following sums to my daughter Nancy Jane Talbert one hundred dollars to my daughter Hannah Ann Turner one hundred dollars to my daughter Mary Orum one hundred dollars to my daughter Sarah Connor one hundred dollars.
    To my grandson Nelson Lancaster thirty dollars when he comes to age of twenty
    one years.
    Whatever notes receits or accounts standing against either or each of the
    above heirs to be deducted from their legacies the whole of the above property to be subject to the lawful claims of my beloved wife if alive.
    My executors to act without further security than the property. In witness
    whereof I herewith set my hand and seal this 28th day of Jan A. D. 1858 eight.
    Acknowledged in presence of us
    George Dowler
    Dennis Dorsey
    William Talbot
    Virginia: County court of Marshall county. October Term 1862
    A writing purporting to be the last will and testament of George Dowler, late
    of this county, but now deceased, was this day fully proved by the oaths of
    Dennis Dorsey and William Talbert, the subscribing witnesses thereunto(?), and is ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of Thomas Dowler and Isaac
    Dowler, the persons named as executors of said will, who made oath as the law
    directs and ??? into (?) acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $1000 payable
    and conditioned according to the law they being persons by said will to act
    without giving security, certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate of said will in due forum.
    A copy Teste E. M. Caldwell (?) II (?)

    George — Mary Barteaux/Barto. Mary was born 22 May 1781, PA. [Group Sheet]

  4. 7.  Mary Barteaux/Barto was born 22 May 1781, PA.
    1. Edward Dowler was born 1799, Ohio Co., VA; died 19 Dec. 1879, Marshall, WVA.
    2. Michael Dowler was born 1805, Washington Co., PA; died 29 Nov. 1875, Marshall, WV; was buried Mt. Olivet Cem., Marshall Co., WV.
    3. Joseph Dowler was born 1809, lived Hopewell, Washington Co., PA in 1860; died 1889.
    4. Nancy Jane Dowler was born 1811, Ohio Co., VA; died 1891, Independence, KS.
    5. 3. Hannah Ann Dowler was born 1814, Ohio Co., VA; died 13 Sept. 1867, Marshall Co., WV.
    6. Mary Dowler was born 7 May 1816, Ohio Co., VA; died 27 Oct. 1898, Marshall Co., WV; was buried Orum Cemetery, Marshall Co., WV.
    7. Sarah Dowler was born 21 May 1818, Ohio Co., VA now WV; died 20 Nov. 1887, Marshall Co., WV; was buried Mt. Olivet Cem., Marshall Co., WV.
    8. Thomas Dowler was born 19 July 1820, VA.
    9. Isaac Dowler was born 1824, Ohio Co., VA.
    10. Jacob Dowler was born abt. 1834, Ohio Co., VA.
    11. Margaret Dowler was born 1825, Ohio Co., VA.

Generation: 4

  1. 12.  Edward Dowler was born abt. 1750, PA?.


    Descendants of Edward Dowler - 20 Nov. 2001 by T. Vernon Anderson (I, Sharon Kouns, tried to email him but it bounced)
    I am using his notes as a guide to figure out the Joseph Dowler/Christena Koontz line.


    1. Edward Dowler1 died in 1820 in Ohio Co, VA. I have placed this Edward
    Dowler here with no substantial proof.

    1790 Maryland Census, Washington County
    Dowler, John 3 males > 16, 4 males < 16, 4 females
    Dowler, Joseph 1 male > 16, 2 males < 16, 7 females

    1810 census pg 004 Ohio Co, VA
    Dowler, Edward 26-44 married 3 males 0-9, male 10-16, female 0-9, female 16-25

    Will written 5 JUN 1819, bk 2, pg 171, Ohio Co, VA. Probated SEP 1820.
    Executor Edward Morton, George Dowler
    Daughters Elizabeth & Mary

    Record of Wills, Book 2, Page 171
    In the name of God Amen, I Edward Dowler of Ohio County & state of Virginia,
    revoking all others, appoints this to be my last will and testament, in the
    first place I allow all my personal property to be sold & all my just debts
    paid and what is left divided between my loving wife & all my children as the
    law may direct, my real estate I wish to be leased & rented out as my executors or guardians of my heirs may find most proper and the profits arrising from the same to be disposed of as the law may direct in such cases none of the land is to be sold untill such time as my youngest daughter Elizabeth arrives to full age of eighteen years & then to be sold & equally divided among them the first hundred dollars that is to be spared after paying all debts & expenses I wish to be given to my daughter Mary and so to stand good against her for her share of the estate, I request and appoint Edward Morton & George Dowler to be executors of this my last will & testament given under my hand & seal this 5th day of June 1819

    Edward Dowler.....seal
    Signed in presence of
    Jesse Burch
    Mary Campbell
    I do hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the orginal which was
    proven in court at Sept. Term 1820 by the oaths of Jesse Burch & Mary Campbell witnesses there to & ordered to be recorded.

    Test....Wm. Chapline Jr...C.O.C.

    bk 7, page 157, Ohio Co, VA, 10 AUG 1810
    Edward Dowler sold to Abraham Coleman for $2 a tract of land of 300 acres on
    Boggs Run. Coleman to pay Archibold Woods an amount Dowler owes Woods.

    bk 7, page 451, Ohio Co, VA, 7 JUN 1813
    Archibold Woods sells to Edward Dowler 300 acres held by deed of trust

    bk 7, page 455, Ohio Co, VA, 1 FEB 1813
    Edward Dowler & wife, Eleanor sold to Robert Woods 252 acres on Boggs Run for

    bk 7, page 502, Ohio Co, VA
    Hugh Connally and Elizabeth sold to Edward Dowler for $450, 300 acres on Boggs Run.

    bk 7, page 512, Ohio Co, VA, July 1801
    Joseph Hicks consents that son Nathan bind himself as an apprentice to Edward
    Dowler to learn the art of hatter. To serve as apprentice until he reaches 21 or 22 APR 1810.

    He was married to Nellie Riggs.

    Found this obituary in the Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, Bangor, Maine - March 1, 1887
    Died - In Lee, Feb. 7, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Ellsha Bradford, Mrs. Mary Dowler, widow of Edward Bowler, aged 86 years. (she would have been born circa 1801) Notice the Dowler/Bowler spelling.

    Did they have a son Edward that married a Mary?

    Edward — Nellie Riggs. [Group Sheet]

  2. 13.  Nellie Riggs


    Sharon Kouns found this obituary in the Bangor Daily Whig and Courier, Bangor, Maine - March 1, 1887
    Died - In Lee, Feb. 7, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Ellsha Bradford, Mrs. Mary Dowler, widow of Edward Bowler, aged 86 years. (she would have been born circa 1801) Notice the Dowler/Bowler spelling.

    1. 6. George Dowler was born 26 Dec. 1776, Westmoreland, PA; died 1 Oct. 1862, Dowlers Ridge, Marshall Co., WV.