Fleming L. Cox

Male 1837 -

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Fleming L. Cox was born 1837 (son of Carter Cox and Naomi Gilham/Gilhan).

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  Carter Cox was born 20 Jan 1805 (son of Carter Cox and Nancy Ann Reed); died 1898.


    The Spirit of the Age
    Raleigh NC 5 Jan 1863 Monday page 3

    In Carroll county, Va., near Mount Pleasant Church, lived the family of Carter Cox. Both parents and children were alike devoted to temperance, piety and relgion. The commencement of 1862 saw this family, husband and wife, six sons and three daughters, all in the enjoyment of health, industrious in the pursuits of business, kind and affectionate to each other; happy in the service of God they lived. But alas! a sad change came quickly over that family; in a few short weeks Hamilton, Fleming, Melville, Drusilla and Leah had all fallen victim to Diptheria. Giles A. Cox, the eldest son was in Gen. Floyd's staff and has not been heard of since the battle of Fort Donelson. W. D. Cox, a younger brother in the army of the Potomac, died of fever at Danville, Va.

    These pious children having laid up their treasure in Heaven, died as happy as they had lived - faithful. Someof them when speechless in death, clapped their glad hands in token of victory. How impressively the history of this family presents the sacred truth - "Therefore be ye also ready."

    May the parents and brother and sister, surviving members of this deeply afflicted family, feel assured that they will soon rejoin their loved ones in the blissful home of all the faithful at God's right hand in Heaven.
    Raleigh, December 27, 1862

    Carter — Naomi Gilham/Gilhan. Naomi was born 17 Mar 1809; died 10 Jan 1890. [Group Sheet]

  2. 3.  Naomi Gilham/Gilhan was born 17 Mar 1809; died 10 Jan 1890.
    1. Mary Cox was born 1831.
    2. Giles A. Cox was born 1832; died 1862, Battle of Fort Donelson.
    3. William G. Cox was born 1834.
    4. Drusilla A. Cox was born 1835.
    5. 1. Fleming L. Cox was born 1837.
    6. Hamilton L. Cox was born 1839.
    7. Wesley D. Cox was born 1841.
    8. Melville B. Cox was born 1843.
    9. Lydia or Leah Cox was born 1846.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  Carter Cox was born 1762, Halifax Co., Va. (son of Matthew Cox, Jr. and Susan Lucy Dickerson); died Mar 1852, Floyd Co., Va.; was buried Beaver Creek, Floyd Co., VA.


    Carter Cox, the son of Mathew, Sr. married Nancy Reed and they had ten children... Ref. "Floyd Co., A History of Its People and Places," by Dr. Amos D. Wood, p44

    Source: Cox and Kin of SW VA and E. KY by Bruce K. Cox states:
    Carter Cox owned 795 acres of land in Montgomery Co. (later Floyd county), Va. He and his brother Ambrose N. Cox, were plantation owners and raised crops such as tobacco, barley, oats, collard greens, sheep, pigs and cattle. They also produced cider and moonshine. Carter Cox owned no slaves.

    On 3 June 1811 Carter and Anna Cox sold 500 acres on Indian Creek to Jacob Sowers, recorded in Montgomery Co., Va., DB F, p15. Carter Cox served as constable of Montgomery County in 1813. His family can be traced through the US Census from 1810 to 1850: [see source]

    1850 Census Floyd Co., Va. p440, #865, Carter Cox was living in the household of his son, Ross Cox.

    Floyd County, Virginia was formed in 1831 from a part of Montgomery County. Carter Cox's will is recorded in WB B, p377, Floyd Co., Va.

    "I, Carter Cox, Sr. being Weak in body but of sound and deposing mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner and form following:

    "1st I give my Body to the dust and my Soul to God Who Give it.
    "2ndly afsoon after my decease as may be Convenent I desire that my Executor shall make Sale of all my Estate that may come into his hands and after paying my funeral expenses and all my Just debts the ballance of my Estate I bequeath as follows: to my Son Matthew Cox and my son Rofs (Ross) Cox and my daughter Elizabeth Wade and my son in law John W. Helms and my son Carter Cox Jr. and my son in laws Middleton W. Clay and Robert Jones to each I Give and bequeath one dollar; to my Daughter Nancy Slusher and my daughter Sarah Turman wife of Matthew Turman I Give the Remainder of my Estate to be Equally divided between the said Nancy Slusher and Sarah Turman, and I hereby nominate and appoint my Friend Jacob S. Harmon my Executor of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking all former wills made by me and hereby annex my hand and Seal the 3rd day of march, one thousand Eight Hundred and fifty two, Carter Cox, his mark. Signed and acknowledged and sealed in the preccense of us as Witnesses, Samuel Weddle, Jr., Robert Caldwell, his mark." This will was proved in April, 1852.

    Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    Name: Carter Cox
    Spouse: Ann Nancy Reed
    Parents: Matthew Cox , Lucy Dickerson
    Birth Place: Halifax CO, VA
    Birth Date: 1762
    Death Place: Floyd CO, VA
    Death Date: Apr 1852

    Carter married Nancy Ann Reed 1785, Montgomery Co., Va.. Nancy (daughter of George Reed and Nancy McLaughlin) was born abt. 1764, VA; died aft. 1840, Floyd Co., VA. [Group Sheet]

  2. 5.  Nancy Ann Reed was born abt. 1764, VA (daughter of George Reed and Nancy McLaughlin); died aft. 1840, Floyd Co., VA.
    1. Matthew Cox was born 04 Apr 1786, Montgomery Co., Va.; died 1860, Ashe, NC.
    2. Ross Cox was born 08 Jan 1788, Franklin Co., Va.; died 06 Nov 1851, Floyd Co., Va..
    3. Elizabeth Cox was born 1789; died 11 Mar 1859.
    4. Lucy Cox was born Abt 1790.
    5. Nancy Cox was born 7 Aug 1794; died 26 Jun 1880.
    6. Sarah Cox was born 1800.
    7. 2. Carter Cox was born 20 Jan 1805; died 1898.
    8. Susannah Cox was born Abt 1806.
    9. Charlotte T. Cox was born 27 Oct 1808; died 11 Feb 1874.

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  Matthew Cox, Jr. was born 19 June 1735, Essex Co., VA (son of Matthew Cox, Sr. and Mary Bagley); died Jul 1804, Wilkes Co., NC.


    Source:Foot Prints on The Sands of Time by Aras Cox. excerpt:
    Ambrose Cox, Sr., lived in the western part of the county, married Miss Sallie Reed. He was a good citizen and neighbor and by industry and economy acquired considerable wealth. His father Matthew Cox senior was a native of the valley of Virginia. His wife's maiden name was Dickerson, who first married a man by the name of Spencer. She was a widow when Matthew Cox married her. Their union was blessed with six sons and one daughter, viz: Carter, Maston, Aras, Matthew, Ambrose, Braxton, and Delphine. The latter mar- ried Wm. Roberts, Matthew Cox, Sr. was a soldier in Col. George Wash- ington's regiment with General Braddock at Pittsburgh in 1755 when the English were defeated. Col. Washington requested General Braddock to allow him to take his regiment and fight the indians, assuring him that under proper discipline he could defeat them. But the General replied: "It is high time when a Virginia Buckskin attempts to advise a British General." The French and Indians poured a deadly fire into the English ranks until General Braddock was mortally wounded, and exclaimed: "Colonel Washington, what shall we do?" Washington answered: "For God's sake retreat!" Matthew Cox was with the body-guard that conveyed the wounded General form the fatal battle-ground. He died soon after. The Virginia regiment came near starving before they reached the valley of Virginia. Matthew Cox and family lived for some years in Halifax County, Virginia, and then moved to Floyd county, as previously stated, then moved to Wilkes County, NC, now Caldwell Co.

    Cox and Kin of Southwestern Virginia and Eastern Kentucky by Bruce K. Cox 1986

    Virginia Marriages to 1800
    Spouse 1: Bagley, Mary
    Spouse 2: Cox, Matthew
    Marriage Date: 21 Nov 1764
    Marriage Location: Virginia
    Amelia County

    U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
    Name: Matthew Cox
    Gender: male
    Birth Place: VA
    Birth Year: 1735
    Spouse Name: Lucy Dickerson
    Birth Place: VA
    Spouse Birth Year: 1733
    Year: 1761
    Marriage State: VA
    Number Pages: 2

    Family Data Collection - Individual Records
    Name: Matthew S Cox
    Spouse: Cox Lucy
    Parents: S Matthew ,
    Birth Place: Essex CO, VA
    Birth Date: 1740
    Death Date: 1803

    Annals of S. W. Virginia 1769-1800
    p. 254 Mathew Cox gives bond of 2000 pounds for division of certain Negroes belonging to Abraham Spencer, John Spencer, Peter Reed and Mathew Cox Feb. 14, 1784. Witnesses: Carter Cox and Mastin Cox

    p. 255 John Spencer, Peter Reed and Abraham Spencer give bond of two thousand pounds for division of Negroes belonging to same as next above, Feb. 14, 1784.

    Source: Montgomery County Virginia ? First 100 Years; Text by judge C. W. Crush, Index by Mrs. Frances Terry Ingmire
    Names Matthew Cox Jr.

    Not proven if she is the daughter of this Matthew Cox. He would have been age 66 when she was born. His son, Mathew III would have been age 15. They all were in Caldwell county (formerly Wilkes) so probably a connection somewhere - S. Kouns)

    The Lenoir Topic (Lenior NC) 24 Nov 1897 Wed p3
    Oldest Person in Caldwell Dead.
    On last Friday night, Nov. 19th, Mrs. Mary McRary, relict of the late Robt. McRary, died at the home of her son, Mr. F. M. McRary, in Little River township. She was, perhaps the oldest person living in the coun ty ? being born on the 22nd day of March, 1801, making her age 96 years, 8 months, and 27 days.

    Her maiden name was Cox, being a daughter of the late Mathew Cox. She was married to the late Robert McRary on the 9th day of Dec. 1819, whom she survived over 20 years, he having died on the 4th day of Oct. 1877. They raised up three children, two sons ? Mr. F. M. McRary, of Little River, with whom she lived, and Mr. J. T. McRary, now living near Elk Park, Mitchell county ? and a daughter Mrs. Abigail Blair, relict of the late John Blair, of Little River, all of whom are still living. From these have sprung a numberous progeny ? there being many great-grand children and a number of the fourth generation great-great grandchildren.
    ? (there?s more wording but this is all I needed for now ? smk)

    Have conflicting dates for his birth. One source says he was born June 19, 1745; another 1730; and yet another 1735.

    Matthew married Susan Lucy Dickerson Abt 1762. Susan (daughter of Griffith Dickenson and Sarah) was born 1740, Louisa Co., Va.; died 1832, Wilkes Co. (now Caldwell), NC. [Group Sheet]

  2. 9.  Susan Lucy Dickerson was born 1740, Louisa Co., Va. (daughter of Griffith Dickenson and Sarah); died 1832, Wilkes Co. (now Caldwell), NC.


    Source - emailed to Sharon Kouns from ?
    January 24, 1778 - Halifax Co., Va: Matthew Cox of Pittslyvania Co. and Griffith Spencer. Griffith Spencer, son of Abraham Spencer decd. for 100 pounds has sold his part of his dec'd father's estate to Matthew Cox.

    Matthew Cox was the second husband of Lucy Dickerson, daughter of Griffith Dickerson, Sr. Abraham was her first husband who died prior to 1762 and Griffith Spencer was her son.

    Have also seen her birth as Louisa Co., Va., and Halifax Co., Va.

    1. 4. Carter Cox was born 1762, Halifax Co., Va.; died Mar 1852, Floyd Co., Va.; was buried Beaver Creek, Floyd Co., VA.
    2. Mastin Cox was born 1765.
    3. Ambrose N. Cox, Sr. was born 1772, Botetourt, Halifax Co., Va.; died 10 Mar 1848, Floyd Co., Va..
    4. Matthew Cox, III was born 4 May 1773, VA; died 10 Sept. 1860, Ashe Co., NC.
    5. Aris Tobias Cox was born 04 May 1774, near Yorktown, VA; died 27 Aug 1867, Franklin Co., GA (now Banks Co.).
    6. Delphine Cox was born abt. 1777.
    7. Braxton Dickerson Cox was born 28 Dec 1780, Montgomery Co., Va.; died 21 Oct 1856, Owsley Co., Ky.; was buried Cox-Hobbs-Spencer Cemetery, Big Andy Ridge,, Lee Co., Ky..

  3. 10.  George Reed

    George — Nancy McLaughlin. [Group Sheet]

  4. 11.  Nancy McLaughlin
    1. 5. Nancy Ann Reed was born abt. 1764, VA; died aft. 1840, Floyd Co., VA.