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Today 4/24/93 I received the following from Martha KOUNSE of Chesapeake, Ohio.  It was sent to her from: M. J. "Jan" Dawson, 25051 Newton, Dearborn, MI  48124


CUNTZ, Sebastian b. 1560 Heimburger ? Alsace

                   d. 1635 Niederbronn, Alsace


     Issue: CUNTZ, Michael   b. 1585 Niederbronn, Alsace

                                   d. 1661

From: Der Wasgenwald by Michael Lothar Cunz, Published in 1967 by Verlag Stadt Dahm: Druck: Ph. C. W. Schnidt, Neustadt a.d. Aisch. (Now out of print) Book owned by Dennis Kasten, 411 Chapel Drive, Collinsville, Illinois  63334.


CUNTZ, Michael   b. 1585 Niederbronn, Alsace was Forester &

                       Inn Keeper

                 d. 1661 Niederbronn, Alsace

     s/o Sebastian CUNTZ


     Issues:  1. Eberhard CUNTZ    b. 1610 Niederbronn

                                         d. 1679

               2. Anstett CUNTZ

                 b. 1615 Niederbronn, Alsace

                   d. 1690

                 m. Margaretha

               3. Jacob CUNTZ            b. 1620 Niederbronn

                                        d. 1695


2.  Anstett CUNTZ (Anastasius) was a weaver

     b. 1615 Niederbronn, Alsace

     d. 1690 Niederbronn, Alsace

     s/o Michael CUNTZ

     m. Margaretha


     Issues:  2-1  Hans Georg CUNTZ

                       b. 05 Feb 1658 Niederbronn, Alsace

                       d. 11 Jan 1731

                       m. 04 May 1680

                     Anna Catharina Muller


               2-2  Hans Niclaus

                      b.     Oct 1661 Niederbronn, Alsace

                       d.         1734

                      m. 25 Jan 1684

                     Agatha Lyola


2-1  Hans Georg CUNTZ aka Johan George KUNTZ

     b. 05 Feb 1658 Niederbronn, Alsace  was a weaver and Gerichtschoffe (connected to a court of law)

     bur: 11 Jan 1731 age 73

     m. 04 May 1680

     Anna Catharina Muller youngest d/o Jacob Muller

     Jacob Muller d. 01 Mar 1719


     Issues: (all children b. Niederbronn, Alsace)


     2.1.1  Anna Catharina CUNTZ

                 b. 24 Jan 1681

     2.1.2  Anna Margaretha CUNTZ

                 b. 05 May 1682

     2.1.3  Hans Georg CUNTZ

                 b. 25 May 1683

                 d. at birth

     2.1.4  Anna Eva CUNTZ

                 b. 24 Sep 1684

     2.1.5  Johann Heinrich CUNTZ

                 b. ca Jan 1689

                 d. 15 Jun 1733


             Anna Ursula Jund

     2.1.6  Johann Jacob CUNTZ

                 b. 19 Feb 1692

                 d.        1765

                 m.        1719

             Anna Margaretha Pfalsgraff

     2.1.7  Johann Christoph CUNTZ

                 b.          1707


2.1.5  Johann Heinrich KUNTZ

       b. 1689 ? d. 1733

       m. Anna Ursula Jund

       b. 1691  d. 176_  Valentin KUNTZ

                 b. 09 Feb 1726 Niederbronn, Fr.

                 d. 18 Feb 1800 Niederbronn, Fr.

                 m. Catharina Elizabetha Schmitt

                 b. 04 Feb 1725 Niederbronn, Fr.

                 d. 04 May 1799 Niederbronn, Fr.


   Anna Elizabetha KUNTZ

                       b. 28 May 1749 Niederbronn, Fr.

                        d. 11 Sep 1801 Niederbronn, Fr.

                        m. 27 Jan 1784

                        Valentin Hanauer

                        b. 02 Mar 1758 Niederbronn, Fr.

                       d. 15 Feb 1828 Niederbronn, Fr.

                 s/o Geo. & Eva Cath. Knorr Hanauer


                 21511.1  Marie Madeline Hanauer

                           b. 20 Jul 1791 Niederbronn, Fr.

                           d. 25 Jun 1856 Plymouth, Indiana

                           m. 01 Sep 1819

                           George Pierre Hess

                           b. 14 Feb 1796 Niederbronn, Fr.

                           d. 28 Mar 1837 Niederbronn, Fr.

                 s/o Johann Geo. & Catherine Barbara Hof. Hess


                       215111.1  Frederick Hess

                                   b. 23 Jan 1831 Niederbronn Fr.

                                   d. 16 Apr 1917 Bremen, Indiana

                                   m. 21 Jun 1855

                                  Mary Catherine Gerber

from: Frieda Krueger Ewing, 12921-226th Ave. E. Summer, Washington  98390.


2.1.6  Johann Jacob KUNTZ, Sr.

     Arrived Philadelphia from Rotterdam 09 Nov 1738 on ship CHARMING NANCY

       b. 19 Feb 1692 Niederbronn, Alsace

       d. 15 Sep 1754 Boyertown, Berks Co. PA

       bur: Oley Hills Churchyard  Boyertown, Berks Co, PA

       m1. 22 Sep 1719 in Alsace Ger/France

       Anna Margaretha Palsgraff

       b. 22 Sep 1695

       d.        1738 age 43 at sea on way to America

       bur:      1738 at sea

       d/o Johan Jacob & Margaretha Palsgraff

       m2. 1742

       Susanna Klein

       b. 1711 Alsace




   Johan Jacob KUNTZ

                       b. 03 Jun 1719 Alsace Ger/France

                       m. Anna Margaretha ?

   Bernhard KUNTZ

                       b. 03 Dec 1723 Alsace Ger/France

                       d. 14 Jul 1807

                       m. 1745

                       Anna Catherine Eberhard

   Maria Christina KUNTZ

                       b. 01 May 1727

                      d. between 1786-1788 Kempton, PA

                       m.     Mar 1745

                       Johann Philip Stambach

                       b. 1720 Stambach, Bavaria

                       d. March 1777 Kempton, N'hampton PA


         Maria Magdalena Stambach

                              b. 29 Jun 1747 New Hanover PA

                              d. 1778 Kempton, PA

                              m. 1764

                              Mathias Brobst

                              b. 17 Mar 1736 PA

                              d. 12 Dec 1792 Kempton, PA


               Catharina Barbara Brobst

                                      b. 16 Dec 1767 Kempton Pa

                                      d. 26 Mar 1845 Kempton Pa

                                      m. 11 Feb 1788

                                      Samuel Kistler

                                      b. 20 Sep 1754 Albany Twp

                                          Berks Co. PA

                                      d. 24 Apr 1822

                                      Albany Twp, Berks Co. Pa

                       s/o Hans George & Anna Dorothea Kustler


                             216311.1 Charles Carl Kistler

                                       b. 03 Dec 1808 Kempton PA

                                       d. 05 Oct 1886

                             Newton Falls, Trumbell Co. Ohio

                                       m. Rebecca Sechler

                                       b. 14 Jan 1802 PA

                                       d. 09 Oct 1883 OH

from: Mary Lou Craver Mariner, 20 Old Coach Rd. Sudbury, MA 01776 dated 20 Jul 1980.


   Maria Catherine KUNTZ (twin)

                       b. 13 Jan 1730 Alsace Ger/France

                       d. 13 Feb 1786 St. Paul's Red Hill

                       m. at age 18

                       Michael Klein, Sr. (his 2nd wife)


   Catharina Barbara KUNTZ

                       b. 13 Jan 1730 (twin)

                       d. 25 Sep 1809 Lehigh Co. PA


   Johan George KUNTZ

                       b. 10 Mar 1734 Alsace Ger/France

                       d. 1766

                       m. Elizabeth Margaret Neuhard

   Johannes KUNTZ

                       bpt: 09 Dec 1736 Alsace Ger/France


           Issue of John Jacob & Susanna Klein


   Adam KUNTZ

                       b.  Berks Co. PA

LDS Records on 1,3,4,6,7 above and Truby-Graff records



1. Property at death worth 320 E. Inventory taken 17 Sep 1754.

2.  On 14 Apr 1751 (Easter Sunday) and in September, he and 2nd wife, Susanna, and son, John George, at Communion Hill Church, Berks Co., PA (Egle's NOTES & QUERIES, Vol. X, pp 174-178)

3.  2nd wife, Susanna Klein, d/o John Jacob & Cath. Klein of Alsace; sis/o Michael (Johan Jacob Klein of Hochen, Zweibrucken, arr. in Phila. 1741. (See PA. GERM. IMMIGRANTS., pg 311) Unkown if Susanna's father) (Michael Klein arr. Phila. 09 Nov 1738 on CHARMING NANCY, same ship as the KUNTZ family.  Unknown if same Michael who married Maria Cath. KUNTZ.


4.  Daughter, Maria Catharina KUNTZ, m. Michael Klein of Alsace; who arrived in America 09 Nov 1738, CHARMING NANCY.  Michael was b. 15 Nov 1715 in Hangeweiler, Alsace, and d. 24 Feb 1798.  He married first: Anna Margaretha Steinman, b. 1712 & d. 1747, d/o John and Elizabeth Steinman.  Michael and Anna Margaretha had three children: Daniel who d. infancy; John b. 1742; and Daniel b. 1744.  Michael and Anna Margaretha are buried at St. Paul's Churchyard at Red Hill, PA. (see pp 26-34 of OLD OLEY HILL CHURCH record).  Michael married second: Maria Catharina KUNTZ in 1748. 


ISSUES:  1.  Maria Magdalena Klein b. 28 Aug 1749

         2.  Maria Catharina Klein b.        1751

         3.  Susanna Klein         b. 23 Dec 1753

         4.  John Jacob Klein            b. 15 Mar 1756

         5.  John Michael Klein    b. 06 Nov 1757

         6.  John George Klein     b.        1760


5. Daughter Maria Christina KUNTZ m. John Philip Stambaugh



           1.  Anna Catharina Stambaugh

                 b. 07 Jan 1746

                 bpt. 31 Mar 1746 Jordan Luth. Ch.,

                      Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co. PA

           2.  Johann Daniel Stambaugh (twin)

                 b. 12 Mar 1749

                 bpt. 21 May 1749 Jordan Luth. Ch.

           3.  Anna Barbara Stambaugh (twin)

                 b. 12 Mar 1749

                 bpt. 21 May 1749 Jordan Luth. Ch.

           4.  Anna Maria Stambaugh


                 bpt. 14 Sep 1756 Allemangel, 11 wks old

                 by Rev. Schumacher

           5.  Name Not Given


                 bpt. 08 May 1763 Allemangel  09 wks old

                 by Rev. Schumacher

           6.  Maria Susanna Stambaugh

                 b.   Sep 1767 (twin)

                 bpt. 25 Oct 1767 Allemangel  04 wks old

           7.  Anna Christina Stambaugh

                 b.   Sep 1767 (twin)

                 bpt. 25 Oct 1767 Allemangel  04 wks old

                 by Rev. Schumacher

                Bernhard KUNTZ, Sr.

           b. 03 Dec 1723 Niederbronn, Alsace

           d. 14 Jul 1807 age 83y7m14d Lehigh Twp Northampton

                                               County, PA

           bur: St. Paul's Indianland Cem. Lehigh Twp

           m1. 1745 by Rev. H.M. Muhlenberg Oley Hills Church

           Anna Catharina Eberhard who came to Phila. w/parents 30 Aug 1737 on Ship SAMUEL

           b. 1724

           d. 28 Nov 1804 age 80 Lehigh Twp. N'hampton Co PA

           bur: St. Paul's Indianland Cem. Lehigh Twp.

           d/o Frederick and Catharina Stambach Eberhard

           Bernhard KUNTZ

           m2. Anna Obsiner/Oplinger - no issues known



1. Land: 101 acres along Hockendaugua Creek, from Penn heirs; sold in 1768 to Chr'n Lauffer.  Same year taxed for 3 horses, 3 cows, 50 acres & a tract called "Benninger's Place."

2.  1771, on building committee to rebuild Luth. & Ref. church at Indianland.

3.  Marriage to Anna Catherina Eberhard noted in PROCEEDINGS OF PA. GERM. SOC., V.7, p.478



Issues: all b. Whitehall Twp. Northampton Co. PA  Johan Frederick KUNTZ

            b. 16 Nov 1745

            d. 26 Mar 1832

            m. Barbara

            b. 27 Jan 1750

            d. 19 Oct 1828

Frederick KUNTZ, bpt. 31 Mar 1746, Jordan Luth. Church in Whitehall Twp.  Sponsors: Fr'k & Anna Eliz. Eberhard and Samuel Saeger.  Served as Captain of the Militia in the Rev. War.  Married Barbara ---, b. 27 Jan 1750 d. 19 Oct 1828.  Was a farmer near Berlinville and Walnutport in Indianland, Lehigh Twp., N'hampton Co., PA.


     Issues:     5 children (not named)  Johan Philip KUNTZ

            b. 01 Apr 1747

            d. 18 Jun 1822

            m. Anna Marg. Stembaugh

Philip KUNTZ, served in the militia during Rev. War.  Married Anna Margaretha Stembaugh (aka Stambaugh).  Lived near Greensburg in Westmoreland Co., Pa.  His son Philip, MAY have removed to Sandusky Co., Ohio


     Issues: 10 children  Anna Catharina KUNTZ

            b. 17 Jun 1749

            d. 18 Oct 1809

            m. John Saeger (Sr.)

Anna Catharina KUNTZ, married John Saeger (Sr.), who was b. 03 May 1743 d. 07 Feb 1820.  John was a farmer.  Tehy lived in Indianland, Lehigh Twp., N'hampton Co., PA.


     Issues: 8 children  George KUNTZ

            b. 08 Apr 1751

            d. 02 Oct 1817

            m. Margaret Snyder


George KUNTZ, sponsor in 1779 for one of the Newhard children.  Was 1st Lt. in Co. of 4th Battalion Militia commanded by Col. Siegfried.  Later served as Pvt. in 6th Co.  Married Margaret Snyder.  Farmer.  Obtained 200 acres at Triechler's from Penn heirs.  Son, Soloman KUNTZ, married Salome Saeger, a cousin, descendent of a brother of John Saeger, who married Anna Cath. KUNTZ.


     Issues: 9 children


Misc. - Prodigy - 07 Apr 1993 to Martha KOUNSE from Laura Kough re: KUNTZ/PA - Hi all, I was just looking through my new book, History of Carbon County (is this PA?) that is just now released and I found some KUNTZ in the index and other places.  I found a George and Elizabeth (nee Newhard) KUNTZ.  It listed their daughter, Fianna who m. Paul Buck in 1856.  There were 11 children; Catherine, Allen, Samuel, Elvin, Martha, Etna (n.m)? Johanna (Dreisbach), William, Laura (Markley), Quinton, and Mary (Solt).  If you give me first names then I can check the index for you.  Hope this helps with something.  Laura.


Prodigy: to Martha KOUNSE from Laura Kough dated 04/07/93 - Hi it's Laura again, I thought that this would help being it is around the time period that you are looking at.  Mary KUNTZ d/o Jacob Snyder married John KUNTZ who operated a large gristmill near the mouth of Mahoning Creek at Lehighton.  Thier children included Jacob, Thomas, Henry, Lewis, John, Benjamin, Simon, Stephen, Elizabeth, Catherine, Mary and Juliana.  Further it states, the majority of the members of this family changed the spelling of their name to "KOONS".  Thomas KOONS was the sheriff of Carbon County from 1879-1882.  He was married to Mary Ann Hoffman and was the father of 10 children.  The preceeding segment was on page 191.  On pg. 210: Jonas Bowman married Catherine "Kitty" KUNTZ . . .  Their are many KOONS and KUNTZ listed and if you will send me a SASE (2 stamps and about $1 to cover all the copies I will gladly send what I have to you).  Laura Kough, 3128 Nicholson Dr., Winter Park, Florida  32792.  This book also has an index of War Veterans and saw some KUNTZ in there.  Will wait to hear from you.  Laura.

  Elisabetha Barbara KUNTZ

            b. 18 Mar 1753

            d. 23 Aug 1845

            m. 1771

            Henry Best

Elisabeth Barbara KUNTZ, bpt. 15 Jun 1753, Jordan Luth. Ch. in Whitehall Twp. d. age 92.  Married Henry Best, who was b. 01 Mar 1748 d. 1793.  Adam KUNTZ

            b. 17 Apr 1755

            d. 25 Apr 1777

            unm. age 22

Adam KUNTZ, Sponsor for Anna Maria Saeger (d/o Samuel & Anna Eva (Eberhard) Saeger, 24 Jul 1777 at the Old Egypt Church in Whitehall Twp. with Eva Cath. Saeger, sponsored a child 02 Oct 1774 at the Old Egypt Church.  Served in Rev. War.  Died 8 days after his 22nd birthday.  Peter KUNTZ

            b. 12 Sep 1757

            d. 16 Dec 1846

            m. Barbara Reing

            b. 1757

            d. 1846

Peter KUNTZ, confirmed (with Nicholas Saeger) on Easter Sunday 1775 at Zion (Stone) Church, Kreidersville, N'hampton Co., Pa., married Barbara Reing (1757-1846).  Was a miller.  Operated a saw mill on a stream at Treichler's (Henry Treichler's farm).  Son Jonas removed to Ohio.


     Issues:  9 children  Jacob KUNTZ

            b. 28 Feb 1759

            d. 31 Oct 1841

            m. Christina Mosser


Jacob KUNTZ, confirmed with brother Peter.  Served in Rev. War.  A Justice of the Peace in N'hampton Co.  Also a tanner and farmer.  Bought Indian Tract land from Penn heirs.  Also bought two tracts south of St. Paul's Indianland Church, near Cherryville (farm of Joshua Shoemaker).  Married Christina Mosser, b. 1 Jun 1764 d. 08 Aug 1836 age 72.  Jacob and Christina buried at St. Paul's Indianland.


     Issues: 8 children  John KUNTZ

            b. 27 Mar 1761

            d. 28 Mar 1823

            m. Elizabeth Marchand


John KUNTZ, settled near Greensburg, PA., with his brother, Philip. Bernhard KUNTZ (Jr.)

            b. 02 Aug 1763

            d. 16 Aug 1767

            unm. died young Daniel KUNTZ

            b. after 1763

            d. after 1807

            unm. Anna Maria KUNTZ


            d. young

            unm. infant son

            b. 1767?

            d. 1767 infancy  Catherine Barbara KUNTZ (twin) d/o John Jacob KUNTZ

           b. 13 Jan 1730

           d. 25 Sep 1809 Lehigh Co. PA

           m. 26 Sep 1749 Lehigh Co. PA

           George Adam Leibersperger

           b. 29 Sep 1726 Ilshofen, Germany

           d.    Sep 1799 Maxatawny Twp. Lehigh Co PA

           s/o John Geo. & Catherine Liepersberger  Johann Daniel Liepensparger

                  b. 08 Mar 1769 Lehigh Co. PA

                  d. 1826 Ohio

                  m. 1788

                  Catherine Leidig

                  b. Germany


   Daniel Livelsberger

                             b. 1795 PA

                             d. 1868 Canton, OH

                             m. 181_

                             Rebecca Elizabeth Plott(n)er

                             b. 1797

                             d. 1870 Canton, OH


                 216511.1  Jacob Livelsberger

                             b. 05 May 1815 Lancaster PA

                             d. 25 Jan 1890 Canton, OH

                             bur: Rowland Cemetery

                             m. 22 July 1838 Stark Co. OH

                             Mary Ann Hiner

                             b. 06 Feb 1817 Ohio

                             d. 03 Oct 1912 Canton, OH


                       2165111.1  Clemetine Livelsberger

                                    b. 01 May 1854 Wayne Co. OH

                                    d. 20 May 1912 Canton, OH

                                    m. 12 Mar 1874

                                    Samuel J. Young

                                    b. 24 Dec 1848 Carroll Co. OH

                                    d. 14 Dec  1931 Canton, OH

                       s/o John W. & Lucinda Richardson Young


                             21651111.1  Kittie Mae Young

                                           b. 05 May 1876 Paris OH

                                           d. 16 May 1961 Canton O

                                           m. 04 Apr 1893

                                               div. 05 May 1910

                                           Enos E. Sheely

                                           b. 16 Sep 1868

                                           Columbiana Co. OH

                                           d. 21 Apr 1918

                                           Cleveland, OH


                             216511111.1  Leota Catherine Sheely

                                               b. 03 Jan 1901

                                               m. 05 May 1924

                                            Wilson Frank Richards

                                               b. 23 Feb 1893

                                               Carroll Co. OH

                                               d. 26 Mar 1971

                                         Canton, OH - Marlboro

                 s/o David Ira & Emma Helen Brankel Richards


                             2165111111.1  Eva Eleanor Richards

                                               b. 20 Jan 1928

                                               Canton, OH

                                               m. 15 Jan 1951

                                             Paul Russell Higgins

                                              b. 16 Aug 1926

                                               Athens OH


from: Eva E. Higgins, 1115 49th St., NW, Canton, OH  44709 dated 17 Sept 1986




Prodigy - to Martha KOUNSE from Helene Hawkins in CA (WBKK62A)  Martha, I wish that I could help you some on the COONS line, but I have next to nothing.  All I know is that my Elizabeth COONS m. George Mock in PA, and that they have a daughter Eliza Ann Mock and sons, Robert, David and Daniel Mock.  At this time I have no definite connection to the Shenandoah Valley on these lines.  I so believe in time that there will be a common thread.  I will keep your info and let you know if I find something.  Helene in CA.

(Martha can you get her address? - smk)


Prodigy - To John Maddy (SFHM17A) from Christopher Kelly (BNDF71A) Subject: KUTZ dated 4/25/93

I have many KUNTZ in Berks Co. PA.  Other surnames that I'm doing are: Miller, Butz, Garis, Walter, Afflerbach, Mosser, Romig, etc.  I could go on and on.  Where are your KUTZ from?  Most of mine were in Longswamp, Oley, Lehigh, Easton, Whitehall, Twp's.  signed Wendy Kelly

PS. My KUNTZ also spelled their name KUTZ, KOONTZ, and KOONS

(Martha - can you get both of their addresses? thanks, smk)


Prodigy- To all: from Frank Gill 3/28/93 - My ancestor, Daniel KOONS/KUNTZ was b. in PA about 1826.  He and his brother were tailors in Ohio.  Daniel m. Sophina Mowen and they had several children.  A son, Charles became a tailor.  A dau., Clara C. was b. at Marlboro, OH, Stark County on 27 May 1855.  She was my g-grandmother.  This family goes back to Alsace, tho I have not established when they came over to this country.  Daniel's parents were b. PA and he was also.  I don't know where in PA.


Daniel d. in Cleveland, OH on July 27, 1904.  I assume that Daniel's father was probably a tailor also, and that this trade may have originated in the family at Alsace.  Thanks for any clues.  Frank.


Prodigy: to Jan Dawson from Frank Gill 3/28/93 - Jan, Thanks for the note on my Daniel KOONS/KUNTZ.  Although his daughter, Clara was b. in Stark County, Daniel and his wife Sophina lived in Trumbull and Mahoning counties which are very close to Stark county.  Sophina is said to be of German ancestry, Rudicil is an ancestrial surname for her.  Her maiden name was Mowen.


Daniel and Sophina KOONS are buried at Newton Falls, OH cemetery.  That's in Trumbull county, just west of Lordstown, OH.


Thanks for your interest in the KOONS/KUNTZ line.  I have only seen the KUNTZ spelling once pertaining to Daniel, in a Trumbull county history book.  All the Ohio census listings show it spelled KOONS.  I don't know when the family changed the spelling.  Maybe the tailor occupation will some day help pin down Daniels ancestors.  Frank.

Ohio Quaker records: 1809 KOUNS family - West Branch Monthly Meeting in Miami County (OH).  There was a Jasper and sons, John, Jasper, Jeremian, William, Nathan, Henry and Samuel.  (from letter from Timothy R. Coughlin, 436 Brooktree Dr., Baldwin, MO  63011 dtd. 17 Sep 1989 (non related to KOUNS family - smk)


Letter to Jan Dawson from Mary Lou Weinland, 5159 East Blvd., NW, Canton, Ohio  44718 dated 19 May 1986:

Dear Jan:

Thank you for writing.  The KOONS in the family is my husband's - Mother's maternal side.  We have very little information.  I am enclosing an ancestor chart.  We do not know Monroe's (KOUNS) parents.  Aunt Marian's effort to get her DAR, turned up two brothers of Monroe, Nathen and Daniel, but 30 years later she does not remember the source.

I have found the cemetery where Monroe is buried and the stone indicated he was 42y12ds.  His wife, Rebecca Hower is buried between Monroe and her 2nd husb.  If you are interested I have directions.  Another cemetery also east of Homerville, in Medina Co. has a number of KOONS buried.  I too, copy about everything.  Anyway, some of the given names I found at the Zion Church Cemetery were Jonathan, Micharel, Anna, and Tillman KOONS, also Clara & Romain, C.J. & Emaline, Adam & Lydia.

The history of Medina Co., Ohio p. 151 mentions that Monroe was a casket maker, he built the house and barn on the present S.B. Eshelman farm.  He is said to have built 250 caskets from 1848-1854.

No, I have not seen the history of Bernhard KUNTZ family.  I really would appreciate it if you could see if Monroe or his brothers might be listed...

Sincerely, Mary Lou Weinland

Mary Lou's (nee Lannigan) husband's line of descent is as follows:  Monroe KOONS, b. ca 1820 d. 27 Oct 1862 Homer, Ohio m. 14 Nov 1844 to Rebecca Hower b. 28 Mar 1829 New Berlin, Stark Co., OH, d. 27 Mar 1901 Spencer OH m2. to George Myers.  Monroe and Rebecca had daughter, Catherine b. 22 May 1846 m. Jacob J. Shoar b. 12 Jul 1846 d. 8 Aug 1890 who had daughter, Lena Rose Shoar b. 06 Mar 1879 River Corners, Medina Co. Oh d. 06 Feb 1954 Columbus, OH m. 29 Nov 1899 Wellington, Ohio to Harry Gallatin Wadsworth b. 25 Jul 1870 Wellington, OH d. 16 Feb 1965 Medina Co. OH and had issue: Dorothy Mae Wadsworth b. 09 Dec 1901 Columbus, OH who m. 06 Nov 1925 Columbus OH to Robert Augustus Weinland b. 12 Jun 1901 Columbus, Franklin Co., OH and had Robert Lynn Weinland b. 04 Apr 1928 Columbus, Franklin Co., OH m. 15 Sep 1956 Ephrata, WA to Mary Louise Lannigan b. 12 Oct 1932 Republic, WA.