Spencer Chapel Marriage Records


First time in print

Transcribed by Sharon Milich Kouns

© 2006 Kouns Archives



Name of Parties


Place of Marriage

Officiating Minister


1856 Oct. 13

Nov. 20, 1832

June 14, 1835

T. Myers

Mary Williams

Ironton O

Mrs. Williams

B. N. Spahr

Mrs. Williams & Others

1856 Dec 9



Wm. R. Earheart

Sophia D. Scott

Mt. Vernon Fce.

Mr. Scott

Hawley, Dr. Sloan, Miss Woodrow the family & numerous others

1856 Dec 31



John S. Grimes

Mary E. Hartman


Wm. Thoroman’s

Alex R. Clarke Wm. Thoroman & family

1857 Jan. 29




D. H. Warren

Maria F. Moxley


Dr. Moxley

Dr. Moxley & their families

1857 Mar. 12



Albert Harrenkole

Louisa Fuller

Cabel Co. Va.

Buckeye House

Mr. St. Clair & others

1857 Mar. 21

May 17, 1832 France

June 19, 1836 Wales

Peter, son of John & Jane Rogers

Ann, dau. of Rich. & Elizabeth Williams



Mrs. Williams

P. C.Willson, Mrs. Williams, and others

1857 Mar 25

1834 Ky


1838 Ohio

Jas., son of Jas. & Elizabeth Easton

Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. & Louisa Blair

Maysville, Ky


Ironton, Ohio

Mrs. Blair’s

Mr. Ellison & wife, Mr. Baker & Wife, Mrs. Morford & others

1857 Apr. 2

May 9, 1838 Va

Oct. 1, 1839 England

Lawrence M., son of L. L. & Sarah Summers

Ellen, dau of John & Ellen Paine





Ironton House

Mr. Hurd, Mr. John Wilson, Mr. Hibberd, Mr. Jos. Harris &c.

1857 Apr. 3

March 4, 1835 Ohio

May 15, 1836 Va

Wm. son of Z. & Julia Hall

Eliza, dau of Thos. & Cynthia Lewis

Ohio, H. Rock



Mr. Lewis

Mr. Malone & wife, Mrs. Lewis

1857 April 20

July 21, 1826 Alabama


Mar. 16, 1835 Ohio

Jno. M., son of Mat. & Melinda Cyrus

Amanda, dau of John & Ruth Combs





Jno. Combs

Jno. Combs & wife, J. Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Kirker, Mr. & Mrs. Silverman

1857 Apr 25

Oct. 11, 1835 N. Carolina

April 8, 1835 Va

Washington, son of Sol & Elzth Miller

Mary, dau of Jonath. & Martha Sounds






P. C. Wilson, S. Williams, Mrs. Spahr




1857 Apr 30

April 4, 1835 Ohio


April 26 1838 Ohio

Jame Y., son of Jno. & Elizt. Alexander

Emily Jane, dau of Martin & Sarah Gillen





Martin Gillen’s

M. & E. Gillen & wives, P. C. Wilson, A. R. Clarke, Miss Scoval, Mary Peters, Geo. Wood &c &c

1857 June 28

July 9, 1833 Va

Jan. 13, 1838 Va

John, son of Wm. & Matilda Wirtz

Mary E., dau of Enoch & Cynthia Underwood





Buckeye House

Mr. St. Clair & Others

1857 July 8



Geo. Redick

Ellen R. Robinson

Hanging Rock, Oh

Hanging Rock, Oh

Mrs. Hopkins, Ironton

Mrs. Parsons, Mr. & Mrs. Morrow, Mrs. McQuigg & Mrs. Hopkins

1857 July 9

Oct. 3, 1833 Ky


Feb. 2, 1839 Va

Albert R., son of John & Charlotte Slone

Elizabeth, dau of David L. & Lydia Davis

Greenup Co. Ky



Ironton, Ohio

S. H. Curry’s Ironton

S. H. Curry & wife, Mr. Slone & wife, etc.


Page Two


1857 Oct. 22







John, sonof H. & M? Reaves

Sarah, dau of Jonas & M. Roardarmour

Ironton, Ohio


Ironton, Ohio

Jonas Roadarmour

B. N. Spahr

A. Duduit & Mrs. Clarkson, Miss Crawshaw &c &c

1857 Nov. 8







John, son of John & Elizth J. Crawshaw

Addie, dau of Jas. & Rebecca Sayres

Ironton, Ohio



Ironton, Ohio

Jackson Blentlinger’s

Dr. C. H. Spahr, A. J. Blentlinger & wife, Bartimus Beardsley & wife

1857 Nov. 11





James, son of R. & * Sargent

Arthusa, dau of Jno. & Juliet Pollock

Felicity, Ohio


Ironton, Ohio

S. P. Calvin’s

S. P. Calvin, Thos. Bridwell, Mrs. Calvin, Miss Theressa Pollock

1857 Nov. 12



David Mee

Elizabeth Pratt

Ironton, Ohio

Ironton, Ohio

Mr. White’s 4th st.

Dr. B. F. Cory, Mr. J. B. C. Harris, Mrs. Allen &c.

1857 Dec. 20



Chaffin McBride

Sophia Finly

Ironton, Ohio

Ironton, Ohio

Parsonage M. E. Church

Miss M. E. Woodrow, Miss M. A. Peters, Miss A. Sinton, Leo Davey & others


1857 Dec 23





Jas., son of Joshua & Mary A. Burton

Sarah E., dau of Calvin & Mary Carner

Greenup Co., Ky



Ironton, Ohio

Mr. Jameson’s

Mr. & Mrs. Jameson, Mr. & Mrs. Carner, Mrs. Beatty, &c.

1857 Dec 28

Mar 6 1825 Va



July 12, 1831 Ohio

Chas. B., son of Arriel & Abbie P. Egerton

Emaline P., dau of Jas. M. & Sallie Turney

Ironton, Ohio



Ironton, Ohio

James M. Ferguson

James M. Ferson, Elizabeth Ferguson

1858 March 3




Thos., son of Jno. & Ann Kirton

Harriet, dau of Jno. & Jane Rogers

Ironton, Ohio


Ironton, Ohio

C. Matthews

Mr. & Mrs. Matthews, Mr. and Mrs. Batham, P. C. Wilson, Miss Watkins, Mr. Jno. Rogers

1858 March 11

Jan. 30, 1828 Ohio


1837 Ohio

Camoralza H., son of  C. H. & P. Spahr

Mary A., dau of John & * Peters

Jamestown, Ohio



Ironton, Ohio

John Peters

S. A. Brewster, P. C. Wilson, Miss M. E. Woodrow, Miss M. J. Campbell, Misses S. R. & A. Wurts &c &c

1858 March 15

1829 Pa.


1839 Ohio

E. C., son of Was. & Sarah Whaley

Jamima J., dau. of Chris & Nancy Songer

Centre Fce., Ohio


Vesuvius Fce., Ohio

Parsonage M. E. Church

Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Spahr

1858 April 4

1838 Ohio



1839 Wales

Amo, son of Sam’l & Mary McKee

Annie, dau. of Jno & Mary Harris

Ironton, Ohio



Ironton, Ohio

John McKee’s

J. B. Murdock, Mrs. Sites, Mary Perry, Jas. & Pleasant Savage, Sam’l McKee, &c &c.

1858 April 15

1821 Ohio


1840 Ohio

Wm., son of Jno. & Ann Noel

Ellen, dau. of Wm. & Dica Johnson

Portsmouth, Ohio


Portsmouth, Ohio

Parsonage M. E. Church

C. C. McCabe, A. Comston & wife, Mrs. Dempsey, Mrs. B. N. Spahr, Mrs. Jno. Peters

1858 April 20

1835 Va

1834 Va

James Carter

Eliza Stephenson

Cabel Co., Va.

Cabel Co., Va.

Center House, Ironton

Joshua Hambleton, S. McCowan, John Doake and others

1858 April 25



Benjamin F. Oviatt

Mary F. Bennett

Ironton, Ohio


Ironton, Ohio

Jas. L. Barber’s

Dr. B. F. Cory & wife, Thos. C. Bridwell, Joseph L. Barber, & Chas. C. McCabe

1858 July 15



Charles A. Brown

Elizabeth F. Disman

Wayne Co., Va

Wayne Co., Va

Ironton House

Miss Parsons, Hurd, Ferguson, J. B. McCullough, etc.


Page Three


1858 Aug. 3


James Howell

Sarah Jane Watson

Greenup Co., Ky.

Greenup Co., Ky.

Probate Office

B. N. Spahr

G. W. Willard, J. Simmons, Jos. Harris, J. Roadarmour, Jno. Snyder &c

1858 September 14


T. B. Vermillion


Artemissia Sinton



Ironton, Oho

Mrs. Smiths

C. A. Van Anda

Mrs. Dempsey, Mrs. Smith & Lady

1859 June 9


Mark S. Bartram

Martha Peters

Ironton, Ohio

Ironton, Ohio

John Peters

c. A. VanAnda

Henry S. Neal, C. C. McCabe, Mrs. John Campbell

1861 Oct. 2


Oliver P. Turvey

Madgie T. McNeal

Hanging Rock


J. C. Davissons

H. K. Loster

J. C. Davisson Caroline Davisson, Ed. Thomas

1861 Oct. 17


John Jones

Lucind Murphy

Wayne Co.


Center House Ironton

Thos. Golden, & the family of E. G. Brammer

1861 Dec. 7


Uriah Blowers

Isabella Gard



Probate Office

Judge E. b. Edgerton & others

1861 Dec. 26


Benjamin Holbrook

Ann Holt ?



Railroad 5th

none given

1862 February 27


George Steed

Lydia Steed

Ashland, WV

Perry Chapel, Ohio

Parsonage Ironton

Elizabeth Foster

1862 February 27


Carnoll ? M. Pease

Eliza J. Hersey?

Quaker Bottom, Oh

Johnston, Ohio

Joshua Hambleton’s residence

Miss & Mrs. Hambleton, Richards, Miss Kelvey & Others

1862 March 10


John Bittmann

Jane Mathews



Eli Mathews

West Ironton

The family of the Bride’s parents

1862 March 26


Jno. Henny Pritchard

Rebecca Carter

Hecla Furnace



Parsonage M. E. Ch. Ironton

John Raper - Hecla Furnace

1862 May 3


Victor Garnet

Nancy Dearman


Mrs. Hamilton’s cor. 4th & Buckhorn St.

Mrs. Getill?, Mrs. & Miss Bertrand & others

1862 June 30


Edward S. Jones

Lenora Wilkinson


J. M. Smiths West Ironton

Dr. Newton, Anna Morgan & others

1862 Sept. 11


Edward A. Thomas

Clara A. Crawford


Mrs Scovill’s Ironton

Sawyer Hood & wife, the two Misses Bonsales & others

Page Four


1862 Oct. 14


George W. Sanford

Miss Clarinda Davisson



Trumbo Settlement

Mr. Davissons the bride’s father

A. C. Kelley

Father, Mother & Others

1862 November 6


Loyd Gantt?

Emma Morris

(both colored)



Mrs. Karris

Mother & daughters

1863 Feb. 2


Martin Slaughter

Malinda Slaughter



Minister’s Family

1863 March 17


Andrew Glenn

Hanna M. Mangen




1863 Feb. 25


Lewis Guthrie

Arbelle Gillett

Rome, Law. Co.

Mr. Beardsley

Mr. Beardsley & others

1863 March 18


Hiram Gard

Louisa M. Moore




none given

1863 April 30


Job F. Lewman

Mary A. Layne



Probate Office

Probate Judge

1863 April 30


Miles B. Hughes

Hannah J. Doty




none given

1863 May 28


Thomas McGowan

Susanna Wooda?




none given

1863 June 8


Alexander Smith

Malissa Kiger



1863 August 19


Wallace Williamson

Columbia Slater




1863 Sept. 6


George B. Davis

Sarah A. Levering

Mr. Leverings

Mr. Levering, & Davis & Others

1863 November 18


Wyatt Turvey

Lovina Gillen


Jas. Peters & Others

1863 November 26


Charles Smith

Nannie C. Louks

Oak Hill


Mrs. M. Allens

J. X. Davidson & Others

1864 Jan. 30


Adison Collins

Elizabeth Fisher


none given

none given

Page Five


1864 Feb. 12


Charles Shelton

Catherine Bellomy




Ben Bellomy

1864 Jan. 26


Wm. T. McNight

Martha Perry


none given

1864 Feb. 27


Galliher Hanners

Mary Willis


Ironton House

Land Lord & Others

1864 March 24


William Lambert

Rebecka E. Brammer


Mr. Lamberts 1/2 mile above town

Mr. Lambert & Others

1864 April 19


Demitrius McFann

Mary Brooks



Mr. Sutton

1864 April 20


John Robinson

Mary Ann Robinson



Gabe Johnsons

Henry Wilson, J. E. Davey

1864 Arpil 6


John J. Taylor

Mary A. Fitzer



Demitrius McFann

1864 March 31


Wm. K. Spence

Elvira Steece


Minister’s Family

1864 June 16


Jacob Wise

Lydia Cloninger

1864 June 20


Alexander Artis

Virginia Rosery?

Probate Office

Edgerton & Others

1864 June 30


Joshua K. Heath

Jane Ross

Ironton House

none given

1864 July 2


H. Clay Adair

Emma Collins




1864 July 13


Alexander Rankin

Caroline Ferguson


Union House

none given

1864 July 9


Washington Newman

Jane Reynolds


Probate Office

J. H. Bartram & others

1864 July 23


Abednego Barton

Margaret Hornbuckle



none given

1864 July 23


Allen Hays

Julia Carter

Page 6


1864 August 3


David Higgins

Theresa Harris



A. C. Kelley

none given

1864 September 22


Isaac Ratcliff


Sara J. Patrick

 Lawrence County O

Lawrence County O

M. E. Parsonage

S. Hall

Mrs. Hall & Miss Hanna Parker?

1864 October 10


Reuben Russell

Mary Jane Kidd

Boyd County Ky

Mrs. Hall & Miss Hannah Parker

1864 Oct. 13


Frances De Maro

Sarah S. Isaminger





Henry Wilson, J. P. Shipton & others

1864 Oct. 18


Dr. Washington Kilmer

Florence Davey

Alexandria Va


Ironton Oh

T. A. Davey’s

Wm P. Bartram, Mrs. C. C. McCabe, Miss Sarah Bartram & others

1864 Octobe 25


Lieut. Sam’l Johnston

Mary E. Hotchkiss

Cabel Co. West Va


Union House

Mr. Thomburgh & several others

1864 November 14


Matthew F. Moss

Susannah Hunter

Lawrence County

Scioto County

Prosecuting Attorney’s office in Ironton, Oh

S. P.Calvin & others


1864 December 22


William H. Brewer

Susan St. John

Lawrence County


M. E. Parsonage

Mrs. L. M. Hall & Hannah Parker

1865 January 3


Charles McDaniel?

Nancy Sowards

Lawrence County

M. E. Parsonage

Mrs. Sarah Raine and Mrs. L. N. Hall

1865 January 12


Samuel Richards

Laura A. Westlake

Ironton, O


Ironton, O

J. W. Westlake’s

Mr. & Mrs. Lanham and Mrs. John Campbell

1865 January 21


Middleton McGuin

Mary Shepperd

Grayson, Ky


Ironton House

Sackin Dawson and Miss Ellen Plummer

1865 February 23


James Hannen

Catherine Webb

Greenup Co., Ky.

Centre House

Prof. A. C. Hirst & others

1865 February 27


William Arthur

Eminion? Dixon

Boyd Co., Ky

Probate Office

Dr. J. N. Beach & others

1865 March 14


John Still

Sarah J. Walker

Carter Co., Ky

H. Wilson’s Dining Room

Jno. Peters, Perry Scott, Rev. A. B. See, & H. Wilson

1865 March 20


William R. Harrison

Lucy A. Perdue

Cabell Co. W. Va

S. B. “Lizzie Hamilton”

Robert Colburn & others

Page Seven


1865 May 4


Henry E. Evans

Mary Davis

Greenup Co., Ky

Ironton, O.

J. T. Davis

S. Hall

Wm. D. Kelley & Lady

1865 May 30


Isom Authur?

Mary E. Hush


Probate Office

C. B. Egerton and Wm. P. Bartram

1865 May 30


Charles Conwell

Martha Thomas

Nashville Tenn

Zelaski, O


Mrs. L. N. Hall and Lettitia Lowrey

1865 June 1


Hazard S. Farley

Louisa M. Argo

Millersport O

Ironton O

Mrs. Argo’s

Sarah Argo & others

1865 July 26


Henry C. Perkins

Eliza Jane Prince

Lawrence Co. Ky

Lawrence Co. Ky


Mrs. Hall, Mary A. Geyer, and Mrs. Cripps

1865 August 1


William Yates

Minerva Lane

Lawrence Co. O


Miss Mary Geyer, Mrs. L. N. Hall & Letittia Lowrey

1865 August 7


Isaac Marcum

Rebecca Brewer

Lawrence co. O.

Prosecuting Attorney’s office Lawrence Co., O

S. P. Calvin & Thos. Golden & others

1865 August 8


David G. Cooper

Nancy J. Jacks

Ironton, Ohio

Ironton, Ohio

Mrs. Smiths

Dr. Jonathan Morris & Lady, Mary Kemp

1865 August 9


Wayne Birch

Rachel Haley

Haverhill, Ohio

J. P. Shipton’s

Dr. B. F. Cory, Josie Ward, Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Shipton

1865 August 29


Charles Wilson

Mary Bee

West Ironton Ohio

Mr. Bee’s

William Wilson, Mrs. Steece, Mrs. Hall & others

1865 September 13


William W. Sterne

Jane Russell

Ironton, Ohio

Ironton Ohio

Wm. Sterne’s

none given

1865 October 2


Henry Tulgay

Matilda Strother

Ironton, Ohio

Ironton, Ohio


S. Hall

Henry Wilson, Sherman G. Johnston & Mrs. Hall,

1865  October 11


Sanford Myers

Martha Jones

Greenup Co. Ky

John C. Meyers, Thos. Hall

1865 October 19


Finley T. Miller

Cynthia Stewart

Hanging Rock, O

Greenup Co. Ky

Sheridan House

The Father of the Groom and a Lady attendant

1865 November 5


Elisha Mayhew

Mary J. A. Cubbage

none given

Ironton, Ohio.

Rev. W. N. Cubbage

R. Leete, Esq., Miss Timmons and Mrs. Cook & others

Page Eight


1865 November 9


Washington Dalton?

Catherine Wallins

Lawrence Co. O

Probate Office

Chas. E. Hambleton, Wm. Betts and C. B. Egerton

1865 November 16


William H. McGown

Permelia Carrington

Lawrence Co. O


Probate Office

WilliamP. Bartram & Thos. Golen

1865 November 18


John W. Hunley

Mary Walker

Pike County Ky

Wayne Co., Wva

Pros. Attorney’s office

S. P. Calvin, Mark Bartram, Wm. Betts, & others

1865 Nov. 25


Abraham Scott

Mary Ann McGown

Jackson County, O.

Lawrence Co. O

Probate Office

Seth Sutherland, J. B. C. Harris, Jennie S. Raine, Nina L. Smith

1865 December 1


Noah Bowen

Francis A. Davis

Wayne Co., W.Va.

Pros. Attorney’s office

S. P. Calvin, Wm. P. Bartram

Thomas Golden & others

1865 December 7


Edgar Limming

Margaret Slone

Ironton, Ohio

M. E. Parsonage

Hon T. N. Davey, Sarah Bartram, Mrs. Richardson & others

1865 December 15


Thomas Abrams

Missouri Ann Bradshaw

Greenup Co., Ky.

Probate Office

Miss Nina Smith and Henrilla ? Blazer & others

1866 January 3


William Porter

Martha Jane Holley

None given

Probate Office

none given

1866 January 10


James Gray

Emma Walker

Ironton, O

none given

Dr. B. F. Corey, Henry Wilson, Azro J. Corey

1866 January 26


Sartain Webb

Mary Webb

Lawrence Co.

M. E. Parsonage

Mrs. L. M. Hall, Eliza Matthews

1866 January 30


David Frailey

Mary Ann Princefield?

Scioto County O

Pros. Attorneys office

S. P. Calvin, Nina S. Smith

1866 February 7


George W. Thompson

Elizabeth Glazier

Ironton, O

M. E. Parsonage

Prof. A. C. Hirst, Henry and Matilda Sample

1866 February 22


Jacob Ran

Nancy Walker

Scioto County O

Wayne Co., W. Va.

Sheridan House

Rev. A. C. Hirst Capt. St. Clair & others

1866 March 22


John K. Thompson

Laura A. Wilson

Scioto Co. Ohio

Ironton, Ohio

Wm. Wilson’s

Chas. A. Bartram, Mrs. L. M. Hall, Miss Mattie Cole

1866 March 28


John K. Hastings

Cassandra Mathiot

Ironton, Ohio

Hanging Rock Ohio

Hanging Rock

Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Mulligan, & Mrs. Simonton

Page Nine


1866 April 16


William T. Falwell

Martha A. Dearing

Ironton, Ohio

Lawrence Co.

Jas. Dearing’s

S. Hall

Mattie/Mollie Scott, and Harrison Brammer

1866 April 18


James T. Hailey

Julia Cassidy

Ceredo, W. Va.

Ironton House

D. S. Murdock and George Clark

1866 April 19


Wyatt L. Clay

Marilda Sexton


Boyd Co. Ky


J. A. witman, A. C. Hirst, Urania Kerr, Mrs. George.

1866 May 13


Gabriel Brown

Martha Jane McGuine?

Ironton, O

Gabriel Johnston’s

Gabriel Johnston & family and John Robinson

1866 May 17


Joshua Ashcraft

Ella White

Ironton, O

Mr. White’s

Mr. Dupuy, Hannah Stinson, Ella Kingsbury

1866 June 12


Soloman Ward

Mary Scott

Ironton, O

Brides Residence

Mr. Urick & others

1866 June 22


Daniel S. Hosey

Mary Williams



Maggie Kirker, Rev. J. W. Baker, & Mrs. Hale

1866 July 2


Allaniah B. Cole

Josephine A. Peters

Ironton, O

John Peters

A. D. Downing, Capt. Wm. St. Clair, Mrs. McCabe, R. Leete, & Lady

1866 July 21


John S. Bulger

Anna Ramsay

Ironton, O


Miss Sue Wilson, Sarah Bartram, Rev. Jos. McElroy

1866 August 9


George W. Vincent

Thurza E. Hammer?

Grayson, Carter Co.Ky


Ironton House

Dr. Cory and others - Sheriff Earls, J. W. Timmons

1866 August 14


John T. Barney

Mary E. Lambert

Greenup Co., Ky

Centre House

Sarah Cory, Mrs. L. M. Hall

1866 August 29


Jacob Huffman

Mary E. Pogue

Greenup Co., Ky

Lewis Co. Ky


R. W. L. Cooper & others

1866 October 11


Charles Reeves

Jane Paige

Portsmouth, Ohio

Ironton, Ohio

Bride’s father

Joseph Dempsey, Maggie Tally, Gabriel Johnston & others

1866 October 15


John F. Heberlein

Mary C. Arnold

Monroe Furnace


Rev. J. W. Dillon, Rev. S. Holchew & others

1866 November 8


William Deal

Elzina Wheeler

Lawrence county


Martin Gillen, Mrs. Hall & others

Page Ten


1866 November 19


Wm. H. Sample

Josephine A. Ward

Ironton Oh

E. Ward

S. Hall

Dr. Wilson  & Lady, Rev. D. Harris & Lady

1866 November 22


Andrew C. McNeal

Mary V. Hoskinson

Galeski, Vinton Co.

Ironton, Ohio

Mr. Koskinson

Parent’s of the Bride, Mrs. Neal, Mrs. Hall & others

1866 November 22


Wm. G. Hopkins

Jane Charleton

Ironton, Ohio

Mr. Charleton’s

Rev. J. W. Dillon, & Lady, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Hall

1866 December 6


Smith Neville

Sarah Jane Doss

Mason Co. W. Va.


Capt. Wm. St. Clair and Mrs. L. M. Hall

1866 December 17


Ephraim Smith

Catherine Walters

Ironton, Ohio

Probate Court Room

S. P. Calvin, Thos. Golden & others

1866 December 19


Shandy H. Driscoll

Callie O’Neal

Ironton, Ohio


Wm. O’Neal’s

Elijah Gillen & Lady, John Charleton, Rev. J. W. Dillon & Lady

1867 January 3


George W. Belcher

Mary E. Gillen

Ironton, Ohio

Vesuvius Fce.

Mr. Gillen’s

Thos. Dempsey & others

1867 April 27


Joseph Wells

Elizabeth Highton

Catlettsburg, Ky


Miss M. A. Giger, Mrs. Hall

1867 June 11


John Clark

Margaret E. Blevins

Greenup Co., Ky.

Probate Office

County Officers

1867 June 6


William Pigg

Mary Marshall

Greenup Co. Ky

1867 June 30


George McBattin

Marinsha Chatfield

Ironton, Ohio

Ironton, Ohio


Miss Addie Murdock & miss Mary A. Geyer

1867 July 2


Evan H. Jones

Lucinda Wilburn

Ironton, O

none given

1867 July 9


Lewis Tackett

Leann Tackett

Lawrence Co. Ohio

Probate Court

Wm. P. Bartram, No. P. Merrill, Probate Judge & others

1867 July 15


George W. Gates

Martha J. Loper

Lawrence Co. Ohio

Court House officers

1867 July 18


Wm. M. Smith

Alvillie? E. Poor

Barboursville, W. VA

Barboursville, Wva

Centre House

Mr. and Mrs. Sutton & others

Page Eleven


1867 Aug. 11


Zen A. Adams

Alice Cory

Buffalo Shoals, WV

Ironton, Ohio

Dr. B. F. Cory’s

S. Hall

Col. C. G. Hanly, Mrs. Harriet Leete, & Mrs. Maggie Hirst

1867 August 15


Dan’l S. Vermillion

Louisa E. Holliway

Lawrence County

Centre House

Mr. Sutton & Lady and others

1867 September 25


John W. Ballard

Elizabeth Richardson


Wm. Richardson’s

Mrs. Golden and Mrs. Richardson

1867 October 2


Henry W. Stewart

Mary J. Campbell

Ceredo, Wva

Ironton House

Mr. Langhleustaker & others

1867 October 24


Jeremiah Davidson

Mrs. Clara Thomas




J. H. Crighton

none given

1867 Nov. 4


Wm. Johnson

Elizabeth Drum



none given

1867 Nov. 13


Samuel K. Hastings

Martha A. Falwell

Lawrence Co. O


none given

1867 Nov. 28


Jas. O. Henry

Elizabeth Sharp

Ironton, O




1867 December 5


Robert B. Reynolds

Anna Garrison (both colored)


At M. E. Church


1867 December 12


Benjamin Butterfield

Cornelia Richardson


At Mrs. Richardson


1867 December 17


Fordenc? Silb

Elizabeth Dixon




1867 December 19


Wm. Gibson

Mary A. Kemp


At. Capt. W. R. Kemp



1868 Jan. 8


Gideon Williams

Barbara Long





1868 Jan. 20


John G. Lane

Elizabeth Martin





Page Twelve


1868 February 18


Geo. H. Richey

Alice A. Davey


T. N. Davy Esq.

J. H. Crighton

none given

1868 May 8


Andrew Smith

Eliza J. Smith




1868 August (no day given)


Jas. Morris

Henrietta Blazer



J. H. Crighton


1868 August 31


John W. Johnson

Tennessee Johnson




1868 November 6


John Posser

Sarah Ann Daniels




1868 Nov. 21


Chas. H. Wallace

Sarah Alice Vermillion




1868 Dec. 31


Homer B. Holliday

Minerva Falwell

Lawrence Co. O

At. Mr. Falwells


1869 Jan. 5


Vicent Dillon

Mary J. Hall




1869  Mar. 6


Giles G. Wheeler

Susana Smith




1869 Mar. 17


Wm. T. Bryant

Mary Lawless




1869 June 8


Robert Hutchison

Martha Belle Hamilton

Columbus O

Ironton, O

At Mrs. E. J. Hamilton’s


1869 June 10


Thos. C. Acres

Eglantine M. Blackwell


At. Blackwells


1869 July 3


Thos Shields

Sarah McKnight




1869 July 25


Jas. A. Cochran

Sallie McFadden




1869 July 10


Henry R. Brown

Belle Peters

Monitor Fur. ?


Isaac Peters


1869 July 29


Barton H. Burr

Sue Belle Wilson


Meth. E. church

J. H. Creighton


1869 Oct. 19


Wm. Songer

Virginia Swap

Scioto Co.

Pioneer Furnace

Sam’l Swap

J. E. Moore

Mr. Clayton

Mr. Swap



James Burns

Almira Vickers

West Virginia

Sheridan Hotel

Mr. St. Clare & others