Letcher Co., KY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Collier, William Benson   I398 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
2 Cox, Avis Dean   I246 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
3 Cox, Barbara Ellen   I242 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
4 Cox, Carl Benjamin   I243 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
5 Cox, Carol Marie  01 Feb 1950Letcher Co., KY I374 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
6 Cox, Colin Kelly   I245 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
7 Cox, Georgia May  02 Sep 1928Letcher Co., KY I251 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
8 Cox, Ila Alane   I263 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
9 Cox, James Richard   I360 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
10 Cox, John W.   I247 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
11 Cox, Shirley Jo   I262 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
12 Cox, Wanda L.  15 Feb 1931Letcher Co., KY I250 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
13 Morris, James E.   I1345 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
14 Profitt, Sylva  22 Sept. 1873Letcher Co., KY I1757 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
15 Sheffield, Sonjia   I254 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
16 Shephard, Dimmer Bud  28 Mar 1932Letcher Co., KY I258 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
17 Spencer, Cobie G.  25 Jun 1916Letcher Co., KY I932 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
18 Spencer, Cora Lee  30 Jul 1936Letcher Co., KY I506 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
19 Spencer, Ed  01 Nov 1918Letcher Co., KY I1344 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
20 Spencer, Jack Ray   I511 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cox, Lula Mae  09 Apr 1936Letcher Co., KY I237 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
2 Spencer, Chaney Lee  22 Mar 1935Letcher Co., KY I508 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker