Owsley Co., KY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Louvina  Owsley Co., KY I1276 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
2 Carroll, Jackson  1854Owsley Co., KY I3434 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
3 Carroll, Mary  1856Owsley Co., KY I3435 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
4 Carroll, Nancy  1859Owsley Co., KY I3436 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
5 Hobbs, Mary Sara  08 Mar 1855Owsley Co., KY I588 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
6 Moore, Malvina  26 Jun 1846Owsley Co., KY I2591 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
7 Profitt, Lyda Margaret  02 Mar 1853Owsley Co., KY I1755 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
8 Riley, Earnest  16 Sept. 1941Owsley Co., KY I1749 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
9 Shoemaker, Peter  25 Aug 1854Owsley Co., KY I1314 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
10 Sparks, Evaline  11 Nov 1856Owsley Co., KY I855 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
11 Sparks, Fieldon  13 Nov 1860Owsley Co., KY I2902 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
12 Spencer, Brantley B.  10 Dec 1846Owsley Co., KY I2604 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
13 Spencer, George W.  1845Owsley Co., KY I320 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
14 Spencer, Josephine  20 Apr 1858Owsley Co., KY I876 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
15 Spencer, Lucinda  1848Owsley Co., KY I2605 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
16 Spencer, Moses  20 Dec 1852Owsley Co., KY I1243 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
17 Spencer, Nicholas Bowman  23 Dec 1836Owsley Co., KY I2910 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
18 Spencer, Virginia Jane  15 Sept. 1857Owsley Co., KY I2855 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
19 Stamper, Mary Sarah Jane  10 Jun 1846Owsley Co., KY I2610 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
20 Thomas, Bernard  28 Nov 1926Owsley Co., KY I1713 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Marcum, America  29 Jul 1900Owsley Co., KY I1773 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
2 Needham, Henry Clay  22 Sep 1915Owsley Co., KY I1863 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
3 Spencer, Elijah  04 Nov 1854Owsley Co., KY I792 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
4 Strong, Alexander  1850Owsley Co., KY I2013 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Carroll / Whisman  17 Nov 1859Owsley Co., KY F1197 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker 
2 Spencer / Stamper  1859Owsley Co., KY F880 Cox-Hobbs-Shoemaker