Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Susannah  29 Oct 1747Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7284 Brubaker 
2 Case, Asahel  23 Mar 1729Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7250 Brubaker 
3 Holcomb, Ann  1 Feb 1708Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7211 Brubaker 
4 Holcomb, John  1680Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I2192 Brubaker 
5 Holcomb, John  4 Jul 1711Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7214 Brubaker 
6 Holcomb, Sarah  2 May 1719Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7223 Brubaker 
7 Mills, John  4 Nov 1690Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I3660 Brubaker 
8 Mills, Joseph  Between Nov and 23 Dec 1694Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I0073 Brubaker 
9 Pettibone, Charity  18 Mar 1781Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7285 Brubaker 
10 Pettibone, Eli  13 Dec 1724Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7239 Brubaker 
11 Pettibone, John  8 Oct 1695Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7183 Brubaker 
12 Pettibone, John  24 Mar 1740Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7245 Brubaker 
13 Pettibone, Jonathan  1709Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I2168 Brubaker 
14 Pettibone, Noah  16 Apr 1714Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7196 Brubaker 
15 Pettibone, Oliver  13 May 1762Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7310 Brubaker 
16 Phelps, Amos  Between 1703 and 1704Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I2195 Brubaker 
17 Phelps, Dorothy  8 Aug 1734Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7291 Brubaker 
18 Phelps, John  20 Feb 1724Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7287 Brubaker 
19 Phelps, Mary  1742Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7295 Brubaker 
20 Phelps, Sarah  23 Jan 1729Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7289 Brubaker 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Holcomb, Ann  Bef 1743Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7211 Brubaker 
2 Holcomb, John  11 Jul 1744Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I2192 Brubaker 
3 Mills, Joseph  19 Apr 1783Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I0073 Brubaker 
4 Pettibone, Benjamin  12 Mar 1705Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I2164 Brubaker 
5 Pettibone, John  11 Jun 1794Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7245 Brubaker 
6 Phelps, Amos  11 Jun 1777Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I2195 Brubaker 
7 Phelps, David  6 Apr 1760Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7230 Brubaker 
8 Phelps, Timothy  16 Jan 1737Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I7288 Brubaker 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bissell, Deborah  Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I2198 Brubaker 
2 Pettibone, Benjamin  Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I2164 Brubaker 
3 Pettibone, John P.  Simsbury, Hartford county, Connecticut I2154 Brubaker