Albert Campbell

Male - 1915

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  1. 1.  Albert Campbell died Jul 1915, Washington, D.C.; was buried Washington, D.C..


    I.R. August 30, 1877 - COLORADO ITEM - We have a copy of the SILVER WORLD published at Lake City, Col., of the date of August 11th. In it we find the following item, which mentions an Irontonian:

    Albert Campbell, Frank Curtiss, J. Pancake and D. C. Mason have struck last month located the Ten O'Clock lode, a 5 foot vein carrying 8 inch of pay, in which ruby silver shows in large quantities; it is believed to be one of the richest prospects in the district.

    I.R. Nov. 29, 1877 - Mr. Albert Campbell arrived home last Sunday from the San Juan silver region, active operations having ceased for the winter. Mr. Campbell saw the Ironton men before he left . . . (names them)

    I.R. 19 Jan 1882 Gov. Albert Campbell of Colorado is home for a short season. (we looked this up and he was not Governor of Colorado - smk)

    I.R. May 4, 1882 - ALBERT CAMPBELL left last Monday, for the scene of his mining operations, Burrows Park, Colorado. He is running an entry there in a porphery dike, and will finish it about next August. It costs him about $14 a foot to drive the estry, and whether he gets anything out of it or not is a problem that cannot be solved until he turns into the supposed gold bearing granite. It is more uncertain then going a fishing, but sometimes a man returns with a fine catch.

    M.I. Fri., July 23, 1915 - CAMPBELL SON OF IRONTON'S FOUNDER - The news of the death of Albert Campbell in Washington, D. C., as announced in The Irontonian Thursday morning, caused great surprise among the friends and relatives of the deceased. The telegram was dated July 17, and was sent astray, having been delivered to the wrong Mr. Campbell. The local brother of the deceased was in Kentucky and the telegram was held at the Western Union office until Wednesday.
    The deceased was the son of John Campbell, the founder of Ironton, and many of the older people will remember him. The funeral was held Tuesday, at Washington, D. C., where he has made his home for some time.

    S.W.R., Fri., July 23, 1915 - ALBERT CAMPBELL DIED IN WASHINGTON, D.C. - Wednesday evening a telegram dated July 17 in Washington, D. C., was delivered to Mr. Chas. Campbell bearing the news of the death of his brother Albert Campbell, at a hospital in the capital city on that date and saying unless word was received from the family the funeral would be held last Tuesday. Mr. Campbell was buried last Tuesday without a friend or relative knowing of his death all because the telegram bearing the news of his death went astray.

    The telegram was received at the local office and delivered to the (next two lines unreadable - smk) was in Kentucky so it lay in the Ironton office until Wednesday when Mr. Campbell returned home and called for it over the telephone.

    The deceased was the son of John Campbell the founder of Ironton was was an old soldier. He never married and has for many years lived in Washington. He was known by many of the older residents of the city, but few of the younger generation will remember him.