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Unknown ...Cox family?

Was unknown but now known as Mary Ellen Cox that married Isaac Wiles ...This same woman and man and children are in the group photo connected to Dr. Braxton D. Cox (#1090).
Mystery family may be solved:
This is what I have found I hope you can follow this. I have dated the picture sometime in 1898 and here are my reasons for doing so.
1. The mystery family in the pictures fits Mary Ellen Cox/Wiles and Isaac Wiles and their children. At this date (1898) they would have been as follows Braxton D. 5yrs born 1893, Louis 3yrs born 1895, William 1yr born 1897 Elizabeth born 1898, John L born 1900, Samuel born 1902, Rhoda born 1905 and Cora born 1907. The second picture of just this family would have included the first 5 children born and have been taken probably around 1901 after John and before Samuel.
2. The next identifier of the 1898 date would be that Rose's daughters are pictured Naomi and Dorothy. Naomi would have been 1yr and Dorothy 2 yrs at this date. One probably just turned 1 yr and the other ready to turn 3 yr. This also fits.
3. Next would be the other woman first thought to be Mary Ellen. This I believe is Lucretia. I have found a 1910 census that states that Clement Holmes was living in Ohio with his elderly father Solomon at this date. This would mean that he and Lucretia were not married yet nor would they have been married in 1898 when the picture was taken. So this was her still as a single woman with no children. This also fits the picture.
4.The last facter would be that my great-gandfather Sampson D. was born in 1889. This would have made him 9yrs in 1898. This also looks to be accurate.

So conclusion would be that the mystery family portrait would Mary Ellen Cox/ Wiles Isaac Wiles Braxton D., Louis, William, Elizabeth and John L. If you look closely at both pictures you can see that the 2 boys first thought to be possible twins are really not that close in age. Note the hieght difference in the sepia photo. Also I will go so far as to say that the mystery picture of the little girl is Elizabeth Wiles.

I have attached the documents that I used to reach this conclusion and you check things for yourself. Got any other mysteries you need throw them at me this was fun!!!

Samantha Elam, descendant of B.D.Cox

File namecoxphotosmaybe.jpg
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Dimensions1368 x 1250
Linked toBraxton Dickerson Cox; Mary Ellen Cox
AlbumsCox Family Album, MOST WANTED UNKNOWNS

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